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This epic throwback of Jimmy Barnes proves the working class man was a total “smoke show” when he was young

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There’s something about rockers that make the girls and the guys go crazy.

Mick Jagger inspired many swoons with his jagged dance moves, while David Bowie kept us on our toes, and Michael Hutchence had the world wrapped around his fingers.

But for all their glitz and styled finesse, Working Class Man Jimmy Barnes had tongues wagging from country Australia to the city of London.

To mark his dad’s 66th birthday, David Campbell brought out the family album to resurrect one of Jimmy’s iconic looks.

The television presenter posted a throwback on Instagram of Jimmy laying back on a bench with his toned arms stretched out while owning a permed mullet, stubble, a sleeveless shirt, and a studded belt with black pants.

“Smoke show.”

(Image: Instagram)

David didn’t reveal when this picture was taken, but it’s likely from the late 70s or early 80s.

Beside the epic shot, the father-of-three gushed, “Happy birthday to this smoke show who happens to be my Dad. We love you so much and can’t wait to celebrate with you. @jimmybarnesofficial.”

The break-your-heart brooding Jimmy got his start in December 1975 when he joined a hard rock band called Orange that went on to change its name to Cold Chisel.

It wasn’t long until the band blew up and won the hearts of Australians.

However, Jimmy’s younger days are infamous for his rocker behaviour which included a volatile relationship with his band that saw him leave a few times.

Jimmy from a previous throwback he shared on Instagram.

(Image: Instagram)

He announced in May 1977 that he was going to join a band called Feather, but his farewell performance was such a success he decided to stay.

From there, Cold Chisel really found its groove. They released five studio albums and won multiple Countdown awards.

In 1983, the band finally shut up shop, and Jimmy launched his solo career in December that year.

Jimmy is married to Jane Barnes and has seven children.

(Image: Instagram)

Of course, his second project, For The Working Class Man, released in 1985, skyrocketed his star and solidified him as an Aussie icon.

Jimmy is married to Jane Barnes and has seven children – Mahalia, Elly-May, Eliza-Jane, Jackie, David, Amanda Bennett, and Megan Torzyn.

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