In pictures: David Campbell's unique blended family is proof that love conquers all

They're a talented bunch.

By Faye Couros
David Campbell and his family are a talented clan, and their patriarch Jimmy Barnes is the iconic Aussie force behind their musical gifts.
Of course, it's widely known that David's relationship with his father's side of the family hasn't always been straightforward.
David grew up in the care of his maternal grandmother, believing his mother Kim was his sister and Jimmy was just a "family friend."
It wasn't until he was 10-years-old that he learnt the truth about his family dynamic.
On ABC's Talking Heads, David admitted that finding out about his mother was a bigger deal than discovering Jimmy was his father.
"It was quite a shock. It was probably more a shock finding out that my mother was my sister," he said, adding that it "opened up a whole Pandora's box of emotions."
In September 2021, Jimmy opened up to ABC Radio's Conversations about that time in his life.
The Barnes family on a yacht in the Maldives for a family holiday. (Image: Instagram)
"David came along, he was born, and it was decided that her mother was going to adopt David, and she brought him up, I wasn't capable of doing it anyways, I was 16, I was completely out of control.
"By the time I was ready to really be a parent was many, many, years later. But I always knew I had a son, and I would go and visit, I wasn't allowed to say I was his dad because the grandmother just wanted to protect him, I guess, but it was really difficult," he said.
In 1981, Jimmy married Jane Barnes, and they welcomed four children together, Mahalia, Elly-May, EJ, and Jackie.
David appears to be close to Mahalia as they have shared trips to Canberra and have gushed about each other on social media.
After Mahalia was revealed to be a contestant on Masked Singer, David tweeted, "My sister @MahaliaBarnes assures me her Pavlova was Vegan you guys. I love her so much. She is the best singer I have worked with."
Of course, David married his wife Lisa in 2008, and they welcomed their first son, Leo, in 2010, and five years late, their twins, Betty and Billy, were born.
Without further ado, because as Jimmy knows, you could write a book about the Campbell-Barnes, here are the family's most precious moments from over the years.
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