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Rock legend Jimmy Barnes celebrates MAJOR health milestone!

Fans are wishing him the best!
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Just one day into 2023 and already the Australian rock legend, Jimmy Barnes is ticking off his New Year resolutions!

Following hip and back surgery in December 2022 to resolve chronic pain, Jimmy has taken to Instagram to share a health update.

Jimmy underwent surgery in December 2022.

(Image: Instagram)

Roughly two weeks after surgery, Jimmy is already on his feet.

“First day of the year and I can make it up to the top of the stairs and back down,” he wrote.

“Thank you Quilty family for a kind food delivery. What a great start to the new year.”

“Slowly getting back on my feet. A few more days and I get to go home,” he wrote.

“It always feels better when my nurse @jane13barnes arrives.”

The star has also taken to his facebook page to share some of his recovery milestones.

”Can cycle for 10 minutes from today. Small gains. Have to be patient, that’s a tough one for me,” he wrote alongside a photo of him smiling while sitting on an excercise bike,” Jimmy wrote.

”Thanks for cheering me on everyone. Sticking to the recovery program to the letter. It’s been three weeks and Jane my strict Physio has got me out walking up the road. Off heavy pain meds. I’ve turned a big corner.”

In the days following Jimmy’s surgery, his daughter Elly-May Barnes took over the rock stars social media to assure fans he was on the mend.

“My incredible dadda is doing so well and is already on crutches today. I’m so proud of him!” she wrote.

Jimmy is on the mend.

(Image: Instagram)

In a separate update from Elly-May she revealed the doctors were “very happy” following the surgery to resolve his chronic hip and back pain, thanking fans for “all the well wishes.”

His fans were disappointed to hear Jimmy cancel his 2023 summer tour in November, but quickly wished him well as he announced he required surgery on his back and hip.

In the announcement, Jimmy said he had been suffering from chronic pain for the previous 8 years as “stomping around stages for nearly 50 years” has finally caught up with him.

Being a rock legend has caught up with him.

(Image: Instagram)

“I’ve had niggling back and hip issues for years, but things suddenly got a lot worse over the last few weeks and I’m now in constant and severe pain,” he said.

“As everybody knows, it’s against my religion to blow out gigs but the doctors tell me I need an operation as soon as possible and it will really limit my movement for a few months.

“As much as it kills me to inconvenience everyone, I have to get this fixed so I can jump around onstage for another 50 years.

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Jimmy’s replacement for the tour is Hoodoo Gurus as they have agreed to fill in and headline the three upcoming shows the rock star was supposed to headline in Wollongong, Torquay and Rochford Wines.

Hours before the surgery, Jimmy shared a video oh himself with his wife and friend in good spirits and doing what he loves… playing music!

“Here’s a beautiful song for you all. ‘Have a little faith in Me’ by John Hyatt. I’ll be on the operating table tomorrow so thanks for all your encouraging wshes,” he wrote.

In December, two weeks after the big operation, Jimmy also took to his Instagram to share an update on his recovery.

”It’s been two weeks since the big op and I’m getting around a little more. Just had a shoulder massage on the verandah. I’m a lucky guy. I love my @jane13barnes [his wife] and the fresh country air,” he wrote.

And now, almost two months on, the 66 year old rocker has confirmed that he has now been given the all clear to get on a plane and travel overseas.

”We’ve got 10 out of 10, and an all clear to get on the next plane,” Barnes wrote, revealing that he and loving wife Jane were heading to Thailand for a holiday.

”Land of Smiles here we come. The kids will look after the veggies, roses and geese. Our next phase of physio will be in a pool by the Gulf of Siam.

”Luckiest man in the word right now.”

Jimmy then went on to thank his doctor, John Rooney, writing: ”Your work is immaculate.”

He also praised his wife Jane for her ongoing support through this difficult time.

”Thanks for cheering me on, so much positivity has definitely helped.”

According to Jimmy, he will be working on his book, writing new music and taking part in plenty of physio in the pool whilst on vacation.

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