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EXCLUSIVE: Jessika Power opens up about her shocking botched plastic surgery and debilitating Valium addiction

''My face was the worst!''
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Controversial Married At First Sight bride Jessika Power might have been cast as the show’s villain onscreen, but when the cameras stopped rolling on the hit Channel Nine reality show last year, Jess certainly wasn’t riding high on her newfound fame.

In fact, Jess says it was one of the worst periods of her life, and she hit rock bottom.

Opening up to NW and talking publicly for the very first time about her breakdown, Jess reveals she was the victim of botched plastic surgery and an unhealthy lifestyle that drove her into the ground.

“I looked at myself on TV and just couldn’t get over what my face looked like!” Jess told NW.

“Everyone knows I’ve had a lot of surgery. I had the fat transfer done, which was injected into my boobs off my thighs.

“My face was the worst. My lips were lumpy, my cheek bones weren’t prominent. I just looked sick, so I had fillers in my cheeks, I had my lips dissolved and re-done, I’ve had a brow lift and I’ve had jaw-slimming and also 10 veneers.”

Jessika has opened up about how tough it was after MAFS ended.

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When the show finished filming, the stress of the ordeal and the very public trolling Jess received from viewers on social media led to a dramatic 10kg weight loss.

“I noticed I lost so much weight coming off the show. During my breakup with Dan I wasn’t eating a thing. I went three weeks without eating and I was drinking every day,” she revealed.

“I don’t have an eating disorder, but it’s stress and social anxiety. It was the backlash I got from the public and the bad edit really affected my eating,” she said.

“I wasn’t eating, I was 62 kilos on the show and now I’m 52 kilos, but I’m healthier because I’m eating properly.”

WATCH BELOW: Jessika Power appears drunk in deleted Snapchat videos. Story continues after video.

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Jess also revealed that she was pill popping constantly, taking Valium “to be normal”.

She was self-medicating so much that she became seriously unwell.

“I almost put myself into hospital after that and threw myself into partying.”

Now, the 26-year-old says she lives a much healthier lifestyle now and is much happier with herself.

“I have a lot more of a healthier regime now I eat three meals a day and I work out.”

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