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Jesinta Campbell hits back at gossip columnist

Campbell says a gossip column published in a News Corp paper is "shallow" and "irresponsible".

Jesinta with her fiance, Lance 'Buddy' Franklin.

Model and TV presenter Jesinta Campbell has taken to social media to defend her relationship with Buddy Franklin.

Campbell, who is engaged to AFL star Lance “Buddy” Franklin, spoke openly this week about Buddy’s battle with mental illness and how the pair are getting through it together.

Speaking at The Australian Women’s Weekly’s Women of the Future Awards on Tuesday night, Campbell said she has fallen more in love with Buddy since he put his hand up and asked for help.

“I have fallen more in love with him through this process, because he has stood up, he’s been a man, he’s owned his feelings and his emotions and he’s said ‘I’m not okay’.”

Earlier this month the Sydney Swans bosses announced Buddy was taking time out from AFL.

His withdrawal from the sport has led to nasty commentary bubbling to the surface including a scathing piece in a News Corp paper today called “13 reasons Jesinta and Buddy should postpone their summer wedding.”

Among the most offensive reasons are:

“9: Because Jesinta may still be absorbing the news that mental illness can be hereditary.”

“11: Because Jesinta’s appeal and allure will halve when she marries as half the consumer market — men — rapidly lose interest in their dream girl when she is no longer single.”

But Jesinta has hit back at the column on her Twitter page calling it “irresponsible”.

“If there is anyone out there who has or is currently suffering from mental illness I want to make something very clear to you,” she wrote.

“Your challenges do not define you, and your suffering does not make you less appealing as a life partner.

“You deserve love and happiness and to find someone who will love you, completely.

“Today’s article was shallow and given the seriousness of mental health challenges, in my opinion, irresponsible!”

Bravo Jesinta!

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