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Shane Warne’s loved ones pay tribute to his son Jackson for his 23rd birthday

''This birthday was a hard one.''
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Jackson Warne celebrated his 23rd birthday over the weekend with help from his family and friends.

The son of late cricket legend Shane Warne shared photos from his celebrations that included quality time with his grandparents and a heartfelt speech from his older sister Brooke.

Jackson acknowledged on Instagram that his first birthday without his father wasn’t easy.

“This birthday was a hard one to celebrate but I was lucky enough to be surrounded by great friends and family to make it such a special weekend,” he wrote.

Jackson made the most of his bittersweet night.

(Image: Instagram)

Jackson proudly noted that turning 23 is extra sentimental as his father wore the number 23 cricket jersey.

“I turned 23 this year which is a very special number,” he shared.

“Thankyou everyone for the birthday wishes and I will get back to all of you. I appreciate your kind words,” before showing support for the AFL team he and his father loved, “Thankyou, go saints ❤️🤍🖤.”

Shane’s famous friends and peers supported Jackson, with many sharing well-wishes in his post’s comment section.

“I turned 23 this year which is a very special number.”

(Image: Instagram)

Brendan Fevola wrote: “❤️🔥,” Shannan Ponton penned: “Happy birthday Jakko. Hope you’re all well. 🤙,” and Candice Warner commented: “Happy Birthday Jacko. ❤️.”

On Jackson’s official birthday, his mum Simone Callahan shared a series of photos in a touching gallery on her Instagram.

WATCH: Simone’s tribute to her only son, Jackson, for his 23rd birthday.

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She captioned her slideshow: “Happy Happy Birthday Jackson! Wishing you joy today, and always. Keep being You because your kindness & caring nature is beautiful and I’m so proud of you!! Your courage and strength is extraordinary.”

Simone also shared a bittersweet throwback of her former husband holding her son when he was a child.

“We love you so much. Dad would be so proud of the man you are becoming,” she gushed.

Brooke paid tribute to her brother with a throwback featuring their late father.

(Image: Instagram)

Jackson’s sister Brooke also shared a birthday message on Instagram with family photos.

“Happy 23 Birthday to the best brother anyone could ask for, you are one of the strongest and most incredible humans on this earth and I’m so lucky to call you my brother, your day 🤍🎈⭐️⭐️🎈🤍❤️🍰,” she wrote.

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