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Simone Callahan reflects on her marriage to ex Shane Warne

She was cricket's queen WAG... But life wasn't all fancy dinners and fast cars!

By Chloe Lal
Simone Callahan is Australia's original WAG.
She was married to sporting legend Shane Warne for 10 years but in a very honest chat with A Current Affair, the 48-year-old admitted life in the public eye wasn't something she wanted.
"I didn't really enjoy that time in the spotlight," the mum-of-three confessed.
Simone and Warnie called it quits in 2005.
"[I felt] suppressed a little bit through everything that happened..."
Looking from the outside, it appeared Simone had it all.
She was the wife to Australia's greatest spin bowlers and the couple were the proud parents to their three kids, Brooke, 20, Summer, 16, and Jackson, 19.
But in 2005, it all came to a crashing halt.
In the years leading up, Shane - who lost his vice-captaincy - was entwined in cheating scandals.
The duo tried to make it work again back in 2010 but after photos of Shane kissing Liz Hurley made headlines - Simone decided to call it a day.
Simone with the couple's three kids: Jackson, Summer and Brooke.
Simone explained to ACA that yoga was instrumental in healing her.
"I just used to see yogis and see pictures and thought they looked so peaceful and calm, and I wanted to feel that way," she remarked.
"It's been very good for me, for calming myself."
And aspiring yogi has made huge headway... Literally!
"I can stand on my head for 15 minutes and come down and feel amazing!"

Simone has been documenting her journey with yoga through Instagram.
And the response from the public has been amazing.
"I've been surprised by the feedback that I have had on Instagram," she said.
"It's a really good tool with connecting with people."
Shane's ex gushed, "It definitely brings happiness, because you're aligning the mind with the body and everything is working as it should be, it gives you a sense of calmness."
Simone says yoga has helped her through her darkest days.

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