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Isabella Kidman-Cruise

Isabella, 8, and her 5-year-old brother Conner hold mum Nicole Kidman’s hand on a windy day out in New York.

Tom attentively watches over Isabella at a family picnic.

Despite Nicole and Tom’s 2001 divorce, both parents made sure they had plenty of time for their pre-teen children, both of whom were adopted as infants.

Isabella rides alongside her aunt, Antonia, and young cousin on the way to Nicole’s 2006 wedding to Keith Urban.

When Tom started dating Katie Holmes, Isabella’s stepmother-to-be was a constant presence at her weekend soccer games.

Baby Suri was born in April 2006, just one year after Katie and Tom married – making Isabella a big sister for the second time. Though there have never been reports of animosity in the Cruise-Holmes clan, little Suri demands much of her parents’ time.

As TomKat gained momentum with paparazzi around the world, Connor and Isabella were often caught lingering in the background of family snaps.

Isabella was regularly snapped with her dad as she blossomed into a young woman, but where is she now?

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