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EXCLUSIVE: Hugh Jackman is homesick for Australia, so will he move home with Deborra-Lee Furness and the kids?

Plus, why his daughter Ava doesn't want Hugh bragging about her talents.
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Hugh Jackman should be riding high on the success of his new Broadway show, The Music Man – not to mention toasting to 26 years of marriage to wife Deborra-lee Furness!

But sources say the New York high life isn’t cutting it for the Aussie star any more and he’s desperate to head home, much to Deb’s dismay.

“Hugh’s incredibly homesick right now,” a source tells Woman’s Day.

“He’s been prone to bouts of it over the years and he knows they pass, but recently he’s been very drawn to the idea of going back to Australia – it’s been a pretty intense feeling for a while and he can’t seem to shake it.

Hugh Jackman behind the scenes at his new Broadway show.

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“He sits up at night streaming the footy live, and back in January he was up all hours watching the Australian Open and cricket.

“Then when Warnie died and NSW flooded, he was glued to the local news for that, too.”

The insider reveals while Hugh has a wonderful life in the US and he’s proud of the success of The Music Man, the 53-year-old can’t shake the desire to change things up, which has only strengthened since the devastating death of his father Christopher in September last year.

But his wife Deb, 66, with whom he shares son Oscar, 21, and daughter Ava, 16, isn’t on the same page and fears Hugh’s letting his heart rule his head.

“Hugh’s floated the idea of moving home to her a few times, but she’s just not ready yet,” says the source.

“Deb feels for him, of course, but to her New York is home. It’s where the kids were raised and they’re in school, so it’s not the right time.”

“She also thinks it would be a mistake to leave just as Broadway has finally reopened again and he’s doing so well.”

But the source says the actress is keen to help Hugh and may be open to splitting their time more between Oz and the States.

WATCH: Hugh Jackman talks about his marriage to Deborah-Lee Furness. Story continues after video.

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“It’s not like a ‘hard no’ from Deb, it’s more she’s waiting for this bout of homesickness to pass so they can make a smart decision rather than an emotional one,” says the insider.

“It may be that they come to a compromise and try to spend a few months of the year in Sydney, sort of like they used to over Christmas each year, but Hugh would like it to be more of an extended stay so he can get back in touch with the homeland.”

While the source admits they can’t come to a decision right now, Deb’s been homesick like this before and she truly gets it.

“Her heart breaks for Hugh,” admits the insider. “But the one thing that always perks them both up is that they know that no matter what, they’re a team and they’ll stick together for whatever decision is made.”

Ava’s ban for her dad

Hugh with his wife and kids in the 2000’s.

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Hugh Jackman and his teenage daughter Ava are going through a new phase in their strong relationship, and this time it’s not about him embarrassing her at her dance classes, like he did when she was 13!

“Ava is very, very serious about a career on Broadway. It’s her dream and has been from a young age,” says a family insider.

“As you can imagine, Hugh is beaming with pride over Ava’s hopes for the future and wants to shout it from the rooftops – except Ava won’t let him.

“She wants to do it on her own merit, and has banned him from even mentioning her aspirations to his famous friends.

“Hugh – and Debs, for that matter – are having a hard time keeping quiet about Ava’s talents, but even worse is not being able to keep her safe.

“She still has a few more years of school to do in the meantime, but she wants to start auditioning for any summer gigs.”

Deb with Ava in 2019.

(Image: Getty)

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