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EXCLUSIVE: “I was terrified!” Guy Sebastian’s most personal moment yet is about to be broadcast to Australia

The country is about to see another side to Guy.
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Like most of us, Guy Sebastian’s year has had its ups and downs.

But a definite highlight – and emotional sucker punch – came in May when he was recording a song with his sons Hudson, eight, and Archie, six, for Mother’s Day.

“I recorded our version of Forever Young with the boys for Jules, but we changed the lyrics to ‘We love you, Mum’,” Guy, 38, tells TV WEEK.

“Then Archie, who until now hasn’t sung much with me, sang ‘Every day we get to spend together, we treasure’ in this angelic, pitch-perfect tone. Thinking about that moment still makes me want to cry.”

That Guy is opening up about such a personal moment with his family is apt, because he’s sharing all aspects of his life in a new documentary Guy Sebastian: The Man The Music.

“I feel a bit young to be having my This Is Your Life moment,” Guy says with a laugh.

“But I figured if both [US singers] Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have done behind-the-scenes docos recently, I could too.”

The project is the brainchild of Guy’s “awesome” new manager Jen Fontaine.

“She’s such a big dreamer and she made it happen,” he says.

“It started out being a film about my recent Ridin’ With You tour and ended up being a warts-and-all look at my life.

“My mum’s in it; it’s very intimate. If people don’t know me by the end of this thing, they never will!”

Guy’s mum makes an appearance in the new doco.

(Channel Nine)

Guy’s clearly in a reflective mood these days. He’s also just released an emotional new single, Standing With You.

“A close family member has been struggling with severe depression for a while,” he says.

“Then I read a really beautiful post they’d uploaded about the journey they’d been on to help people.”

Guy shared the post with his songwriting partner Jamie Hartman and crafted a ballad that left them both in tears.

“I’m my own harshest critic, but we both felt chills after the very first take in recording this song,” Guy says.

“It was an unusual moment – here are two grown men, sitting in a studio, which is a really nerdy environment, just crying.”

But, Guy says, the idea that the song, “might mean something to people” affected him in a way he didn’t expect.

He acknowledges it’s the second track of his – after 2019’s huge hit “Choir” – that deals with mental health.

“I’m in a place whereI want to write about things that matter right now,” he says, admitting that the pandemic could also be inspiring him to delve deeper when it comes to his work.

“My life, as has everyone’s, has taken a bit of a hit this year,” he says.

“I was in LA when the crisis hit and I did crap myself a little bit.”

“My life, as has everyone’s, has taken a bit of a hit this year,” Guy explains.

(Channel Nine)

Along with being “terrified” that he might not get home to his wife and sons, there was the uncertainty over whether The Voice would be able to continue.

“I knew George and Kelly wouldn’t be able to fly back for the live shows. That, combined with losing all the gigs I had lined up, did make me gulp.”

Guy has tried to support the industry more widely by keeping his band employed during the current crisis – and talking to Prime Minister Scott Morrison about the challenges Australia’s arts sector is facing.

“He seemed to be very engaged in supporting the industry,” he says.

“I’ve been lucky I’ve still had my job on The Voice this year, but too many other entertainers are struggling.”

“It definitely gets feisty and fiery on set,” he admits.

“It’s because we’re all so passionate, though. Shows die when the coaches aren’t invested. I couldn’t be there if I wasn’t.”

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