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Guy & Jules Sebastian dragged back to court!

First it was a wayward manager, now a threatening neighbour, and the married couple are feeling the strain.
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Just months after their dirty laundry was aired to the country in a trial against his former manager Titus Day, the Sebastian’s have found themselves at the centre of yet another headline-making court battle.

Guy, 41, and wife Jules, 43, were recently forced to slap their neighbour with an AVO after an ugly confrontation over their controversial mega-mansion spilled out onto the streets, disturbing their idyllic Sydney neighbourhood.

Phillip Richard Hanslow, 65, allegedly threatened the Australian popstar and kicked over a boundary fence outside his home in Maroubra last month, prompting the family to call the police. He was taken to Maroubra Police Station, where he was charged with stalking with intent to cause physical harm and damaging property.

It’s alleged tensions between the neighbours had reached boiling point because of the ongoing construction work on the Sebastians’ $3.1 million four-bedroom “dream home”, which first began in 2016.

At the time, the street’s residents damned the plans, likening the property to a concrete “fortress” and a “demolition nightmare”. Some threatened to move, while others attempted to communicate with the singer to solve the issue.

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Set to be dragged through the mud publicly once again in what could turn into another lengthy court battle, even the strongest of marriages like Guy and Jules’ – who have been dating since high school and were married in 2008 – would be tested, particularly as the beloved entertainer weathers another controversy.

Despite being one of Australian music’s most popular names with a fan base that rivals most popstars, Guy’s private life has been splashed across the news for years.

Most notably, last year, Guy and Jules were forced to take the stand in a gruelling seven-week trial against his former manager and best friend Day, who was found guilty of embezzling nearly $1 million in earnings from the singer and sent to prison for four years.

Friends tell Woman’s Day the trial was perhaps the hardest thing the couple have been through, but insist they are stronger than ever. Last year, they had to sit back and watch as everything from their earnings and spending was called into question, as well as private text messages and emails between Guy and a supposed witness.

Perhaps most sensationally, Jules was forced to defend Guy’s temperament, as she gave evidence about an intruder the star allegedly headbutted at their home.

“They’re used to tackling things head-on and this next chapter will be no different,” tells a source, who says the married couple remain dedicated parents to their two sons Hudson, 10, and Archer, eight.

Most recently, the family of four enjoyed a stunning holiday in Japan, where they took to the famous slopes and enjoyed skiing, with the couple telling followers they were “grateful” for their time away.

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