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Grant Hackett’s naked search for his lost son

Hackett off to US rehab for stillnox abuse

Troubled Olympian Grant Hackett had guests at Melbourne’s packed Crown Casino looking on in shock as he emerged from his room early on Saturday morning, with only a singlet wrapped around his nether regions, to search for his missing four-year-old-son, Jagger.

The former swim champ was captured on film half-naked in the hotel’s foyer, asking everyone who passed by if they had seen the boy.

Grant is believed to have woken up and noticed his son was missing before heading out, sans clothes, to look for him himself.

Fortunately, Jagger was found with the help of casino security and taken back to his room, where he was staying with his dad and twin sister, Charlize.

While Crown Casino have confirmed that the incident occurred, they are not revealing where the boy was found, just that it wasn’t in a restricted area.

“He was absolutely not found on the gaming room floor or on any licensed premises,” a spokeswoman told The Herald Sun.

Grant’s casino-foyer wanderings must be cause for concern for his ex-wife Candice Alley, who went through a messy divorce with him in 2012.

Despite his stellar swimming career, it’s his out-of-pool antics that have brought him attention in recent years.

His marriage breakdown to Candice, the trashing of his own penthouse apartment, and subsequent sacking as the ambassador for the Alannah and Madeline Foundation – a charity to prevent violence against children – have tarnished his career and reputation.

This is yet another bizarre public incident to add to his woes, but was he acting like a mad man or just a concerned father?

See the video footage below!

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