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Gogglebox’s Silbery family share touching send-off to Gran

After years on the couch together, the family are saying farewell to their loving matriarch.
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Grandma Emmie, the matriarch of Gogglebox Australia’s beloved Silbery family, has made the devastating announcement that she’ll be stepping back from the show after being diagnosed with dementia.

The 94-year-old star, who has been making us laugh alongside her daughter Kerry and granddaughter Isabelle since they joined the show in 2016, is now living in an aged care facility.

‘What’s best for her now is that she is safe and happy’

(Credit: Isabelle Silbery via Instagram @isabellesilbery)


“It’s been a tough few months watching my grandma deteriorate before our eyes,” Isabelle wrote in a heartfelt statement on Instagram.

“I’ve been supporting Mum, who has all the weight on her shoulders as she makes some big decisions for Emmie’s future. What’s best for her now is that she is safe and happy in permanent care just up the road, where we visit her every day.”

The reality star, who’s incredibly close to her grandma, then confirmed that Emmie would no longer join them on the couch for Gogglebox “as it just wouldn’t be fair to her” however will be “enjoying her evening wine whilst watching us on the couch” instead.

“Rest assured, Emmie is still cracking jokes, still up for a cuddle and in blissful ignorance of her circumstance,” she added.

Everyone from fellow Gogglebox stars to Australian A-listers sent their well wishes, with Melbourne couple Lee and Keith admitting, “It’s going to be so sad not seeing her every week,” while Lisa Wilkinson said watching the three Silberys on Gogglebox has been “an absolute joy to behold.”

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Throughout their time on our screens, the Silberys have built a massive following, thanks to their raw and hilarious commentary. The trio even penned their own joint memoir, Out Of The Box, last year, where they revealed personal anecdotes from theirs lives.

Isabelle adds that she and her family have “always maintained being real with each other through family struggles” and hopes that the news “opens up the conversation about dementia, supporting loved ones and the reality of grieving them while they’re still here”.

‘”We’ll miss you gran.”

(IMAGE: Foxtel)

In the most recent update from the family, Kerry and Izzy say Emmie can’t wait to watch the new season of the show, despite not starring in it.

”She is totally overwhelmed by the support and I read her all the messages of love and kindness,” granddaughter Izzy told the Daily Telegraph.

”She wants her friends at the home to see the show and can’t wait to watch.

”She hasn’t lost her sense of humour and thinks she has a boyfriend but can’t remember his name. The beauty of the show is it’s been around for so many years and we are a real family and Emmie getting that diagnosis is all part of real life.”

Emmie will still be watching Gogglebox even though she isn’t starring in it.

(IMAGE: Foxtel)

Izzy then went on to explain the vast array of emotions her and her mum had been experiencing.

”Mum has devoted years of her life to looking after gran and it takes that pressure off to not worry about her every day.

”It is a hard one because it’s the long goodbye. We’re kind of grieving her while she’s still alive which is really odd. She’s in a beautiful place of oblivion.”

Izzy also noted how ”different” it would be to star in a new season of Gogglebox without her gran.

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