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Who is Georgie Parker married to? Meet the notoriously private star’s screenwriter husband

These two prove true love doesn't have to be paraded around on social media.
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For decades, Georgie Parker has graced our screens on much-loved shows such as A Country Practice, All Saints and Play School.

Most recently, she’s landed the role as Roo Stewart on Home And Away and is one-half of the presenting line-up on Channel 7’s The All New Monty: Guys & Gals, alongside Shane Jacobson.

While we’re accustomed to seeing the talented star share so much of herself on our screens, what about her personal life behind-the scenes?

According to the 55-year-old, she wanted to get things right before approaching marriage and motherhood, giving birth at 35 to her daughter Holly, now aged 19.

“I wanted to be a mother for a very long time,” the two-time Gold Logie award-winning actress explained to Good Health.

“I just had to wait to meet the right guy! I kept on meeting guys I just didn’t want to be a parent with, then finally I met my husband when I was 33. It was just the way it worked out,” the actress added.

And the “right guy” turned out to be screenwriter, author and actor Steve Worland.

“I knew I didn’t want it with anyone, so when I met my husband I said, ‘Let’s get this train going!'” Georgie admitted to Kidspot.

Soul mates: Georgie wed screenwriter, author and actor Steve Worland in 1999.

(Images: AAP, IMDB)

The pair married in December 1999 and last year, rung in two decades together as husband and wife.

Steve is best known for his writing credits in films such as Go Karts, Bootmen and Paper Planes. He also had a small part in the 1997 film Rust Bucket.

So, what’s the key to their happy marriage?

“We just give one another an enormous amount of space. We’ve never been joined at the hip, it’s just not the way we operate. I think it’s very healthy to do a lot of things separately, we have our own interests and I think that really helps. We do things independently, but also as a family, and as a couple,” Georgie has noted.

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Georgie shared this flashback photo with her daughter Holly, who is now 19 years old.

(Image: @georgieparker/Instagram)

Indeed the notoriously private showbiz couple are rarely pictured together at red carpet events, instead keeping their romance out of the spotlight.

Georgie also hasn’t shared a photo of her husband on her public Instagram page.

Steve hasn’t publicly spoken about his marriage to Georgie, however his brother Gus Worland told the Sun-Herald‘s Two Of Us column he’d never seen his brother happier than on his wedding day to the star.

“The happiest I ever saw Steve was on his wedding day. The wedding was at this little pub in Balmain, and Georgie looked spectacular. Steve was punching far above his weight,” Gus explained to the publication.

Steve, pictured with his novel Combustion – which he released in 2013, is an accomplished author, screenwriter and actor in his own right.

(Image: Twitter)

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