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Georgie Parker hits the decks as she reconnects with her “rock” roots

She's spinning around.
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It may have been a minute since Home and Away’s Georgie Parker took herself to a club to get down with some 80s tunes, but she’s slipped back into that easy mindset as if the party never ended.

Georgie is beloved for her stellar self-deprecating humour, and the Australian mainstay has been around for all the trends and shifts.

The actor reconnected with her party roots when she hopped onto a DJ deck to spin some tunes in a sparkly cardigan and top combo.

She’s still got it.

(Credit: Instagram)

To add more 80s vibes to the image of her spinning records and mucking about with a laptop, she aptly filtered the pick with a saturated orange hue.

She captioned the moment, “Back when Roo used to “Rock It” 🍷.”

Fans were amused by Georgie’s Roo inspired antics and went along with the fun by commenting that she and her character have never stopped rocking.

One fan wrote, “Trick statement, Roo ALWAYS rocks it,” and another commented, “I’m watching a *Country Practice* when you were Lucy. You rocked it then and rock it now!”

It isn’t a lie that Georgie’s spark has never dimmed over the years, even if she isn’t hitting the club for some sets anymore.

Georgie Parker’s iconic roles are an Aussie legacy.

(Credit: Instagram)

However, this was not the end of Georgie’s self-deprecating antics, and this time she took a swipe at her luscious hair.

She posted a picture of an Afghan Hound with a sly caption on what she described as “a wistful Tuesday.”

“Also I think my hair is beginning to look like this,” Georgie earnestly joked.

While this hilarious quip is damn amusing, we can’t help but feel like the Afghan Hound’s mane is actually pretty nice.

This dog kind of looks fabulous, though.

(Credit: Instagram)

Despite Georgie’s concerns from her Instagram, it appears that her long brown hair is still looking as willowy as it always does.

Her iconic hair has been a mainstay throughout her career, so there is no doubt hair maintenance is a big part of her beauty routine.

So, Georgie, please share some hair care tips when you aren’t busy dusting up on your DJ skills!

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