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Erik Thomson, Georgie Parker, Kassandra Clementi and Rick Donald unite for an exciting and unexpected new gig


By Maddison Hockey
There's nothing we love more than a collaboration of some of our biggest celebs.
And, this new project, Night Light, is as star-studded as it comes.
Featuring Packed To The Rafters fave Erik Thomson and Home And Away's Georgie Parker, Rick Donald and Kassandra Clementi, it's a who's who of local talent.
But, the project may not be what fans are expecting – it's a podcast.
Erik and Rick starred on 800 Words together. (Supplied)
The spoken word podcast launches April 26th and is a curated collection of beautiful stories from around the world performed by Australian creatives.
"Night Light is next generation, modern mindfulness that unfolds like a beautifully crafted dream, leading listeners into an oasis of the mind. Part-evocative soundscape, part-instrumental immersion with a hefty dose of powerful spoken word by some of Australia's most prolific creatives," the announcement reads.
"With a goal to combat the quiet epidemic of anxiety, depression and loneliness rippling through our world, the podcast series seeks to inspire an intimate experience to pause, stop and refresh, through a literary experience. A million miles away from the hamster wheel of everyday life in 2021."
We're starry-eyed over this announcement. (Instagram)
Translation: It's like your favourite celeb sitting by your bedside reading you a bed-time story.
Honestly, we can't wait for Erik Thomson's soothing voice to send us to the land of Z's each evening.
Both Erik and Georgie, who famously worked on beloved series All Saints together, both shared the same message from the show's creator, Catherine Mack, following the announcement.
"On Monday we launch. I've worked on this podcast for 5 months and couldn't be prouder of how it's turned out," she wrote.
"The work of these creatives is unparalleled. So excited to bring it to you."

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