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Dr Chris Brown reveals his strangest fan encounter – and it’s equal parts hilarious and painful

''She's lying on the ground.''
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Dr Chris Brown is one of Australia’s most beloved TV personalities, so it’s no surprise he has hordes of adoring fans.

But encounters with the public don’t always go smoothly, as Chris revealed to Nova radio’s Fitzy and Wippa on Thursday.

Chris had a strange fan encounter while at a coffee shop in regional NSW.

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Speaking on air, the TV vet recalled an experience he had at a regional NSW airport when he was travelling with work colleagues.

“We went to the coffee shop in the airport, ordered cups of coffees, the barista there got the order all wrong,” Chris said.

“We go to the car to put the coffees in the car. And the barista comes running out she’s like: ‘I just wanted to apologise, I’m so sorry about what just happened with the orders’.”

Chris recalled the time an overzealous fan ran into a pole while looking at the selfie she’d just snapped with him.

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The 43-year-old said the over-apologetic waitress then asked for a selfie, to which he happily obliged.

“So we we get a photo and it’s a beautiful little selfie. And then I go to sit in the car and I hear this ‘hmmmph’. I was like: “What the hell was that?” and I turn around and she’s lying on the ground,” he said.

“She had run back into the coffee shop whilst looking at her phone and run into the pole and knocked herself out!”

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The I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! host said he then spent the next hour comforting the injured waitress, who had blood pouring out of her nose, mouth and face.

“Thank God we got the photo before. The dangers of getting a photo, things can go horribly wrong,” he laughed.

Chris has accrued an enormous fan base for his hosting roles on Bondi Vet, The Living Room and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

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