Fur daddy! Inside Dr Chris Brown’s life with his rescue pets, Cricket and Buzz

''Cricket stands up for herself. She runs the house.''

By Faye Couros
We all love the charming Dr Chris Brown for his vibrant hosting skills on I'm a Celeb… Get Me Out of Here! and The Living Room.
However, we are even more obsessed with how the celebrity veterinarian takes care of animals in need.
But when he isn't caring for other people's pets and saving wildlife, he is a fur dad to his cat Cricket and newest family member, a dog called Buzz.
Now To Love also reported in 2019 that Dr Chris is parent to a Kelpie called Reg.
During the interview, he revealed his cat dominates in their house and even wakes him up in the wee hours of the morning to hang out.
"Cricket stands up for herself. She runs the house," he said. "For example, after waking me up at 3 am last night, she then settled on my pillow so that her whiskers were tickling me. And then she decided to massage my face with her paws, just in case I wasn't fully awake and ready to play!"
As for Reg, he was happy to let his cat sibling run the show.
"He's not the most intelligent Kelpie around, but he has a sweet temperament – although he still hasn't worked out how he ended up playing second fiddle to a cat one-tenth his size. I think he missed the memo that said he's supposed to be in charge!"
In January 2022, Cricket had to make some space for Buzz, a rescue dog, whom Chris introduced on Instagram by posting a picture of him cuddling the pup and another from the shelter.
"I have a little news to share. Introducing Buzz Euky Brown 🐶," began the 43-year-old.
"And this moment probably decided it. It was the first time we met properly and probably proof that sometimes, a dog chooses you.
"After mentioning to the Animal Welfare League that I'd been looking for a small rescue 'puppy' who was ok with being bossed around by my cat Cricket, this tiny 'puppy' was brought into the shelter the next day. Then this happened. It was a big play from Buzz but he may just be the sweetest yet clumsiest dog I've ever met. Check out the face and the eyes (swipe) when I told him I needed some time to prepare Cricket for his arrival home 💔."
See Dr Chris' cutest moments with Cricket and Buzz in the gallery below.