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Our hearts! Dr Chris Brown has welcomed a new member to his family, and it was fate that brought them together

''So I have a little news to share.''

By Faye Couros
Dr Chris Brown had been yearning to welcome a new member to his family, but he didn't realise that fate had exciting plans for him and his cat Cricket.
The celebrity vet had wanted to take in a rescue dog, and his story is proof that the world really does work in mysterious ways.
Because during a visit to the Animal Welfare League, he unexpectedly met a beautiful black and white pup with whom he had an instant connection.
The doctor took to his Instagram to share a happy picture of him cuddling his new pup and one of his new furry friend in the shelter with his puppy dog eyes wide like the moon.
It was love at first sight for these two! Instagram
He introduced the bub - and his cute name that pairs perfectly with little Cricket's - in his caption.
"So I have a little news to share. Introducing Buzz Euky Brown 🐶," he announced.
Chris pondered how they came to each other by ruminating over the well-known sentiment that sometimes it's fur babies that choose their human companions.
"And this moment probably decided it. It was the first time we met properly and probably proof that sometimes, a dog chooses you," he wrote and subsequently made our hearts implode.
He continued: "After mentioning to the Animal Welfare League that I'd been looking for a small rescue 'puppy' who was ok with being bossed around by my cat Cricket, this tiny 'puppy' was brought into the shelter the next day.
"Then this happened. It was a big play from Buzz but he may just be the sweetest yet clumsiest dog I've ever met.
"It was a big play from Buzz but he may just be the sweetest yet clumsiest dog I've ever met." Instagram
"Check out the face and the eyes (swipe) when I told him I needed some time to prepare Cricket for his arrival home 💔.
"Oh and thanks for the introduction @awlnsw! #adoptdontshop."
As expected, the I'm a Celeb… host's comment section was filled with supportive and proud messages from fans and famous friends.
His co-host Julia Morris wrote, "Welcome to the family Buzz j x," Shaynna Blaze shared, "Love at first sight," and the Kangaroo Sanctuary commented, "We roolly lub you Euky ❤️."
Dr Chris with his first-born Cricket. Instagram
The 43-year-old's new season of I'm a Celeb... is currently airing, but before it premiered, he spoke to TV Week about why he was excited to return.
"It's almost like working holiday for me to be able to immerse myself in the bush with all sorts of wildlife around," the vet shared.
"I just really look forward to getting amongst it and the show being my life for five weeks or so. It's something that I really treasure."