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Has Dr Chris Brown found The One in Liv Phyland?

The smiley TV presenter has locked down the eternal bachelor.
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The Loop host Liv Phyland surprised fans last week when she confirmed on social media that she had reunited with her long-rumoured partner Dr Chris Brown.

And after months of dating in secret and a supposed break-up, it seems a worrying hospital dash has seen the couple do some soul-searching and commit fully to their relationship – starting with a surprise engagement!

Liv, 28, was recently in hospital after an emergency appendix operation, with Chris, 40, by her bedside around the clock, serving her chicken soup and dropping everything to be with her.

And an insider says that Chris’ commitment to Liv in her hour of need has strengthened their future together.

“He’s showed her that she can count on him when it matters most,” reveals a source. “Liv’s illness was the wake-up call they needed to just give everything they have to this relationship.”

Chris dropped everything to be by Liv’s side after an emergency appendix operation.

(Image: Instagram @livphyland)

While she was in hospital, Liv posted pictures of the Maldives on her Instagram page, explaining she had missed out on a trip to the island paradise because of her operation. And our insider reveals the Bondi Vet had major plans for a romantic proposal in the idyllic holiday spot, saying, “He had a whole night of festivities planned.”

Although they never made it to the dream destination, the source says that after Liv’s unexpected health scare, they’re closer than ever.

“They ended up getting into a really deep and honest conversation about what lies ahead for them and Chris made it clear that he wants to marry her,” says our source.

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It’s certainly been a rocky path to lasting love for Dr Chris. After a string of failed relationships, Chris admitted in February that turning 40 had made him realise he needed to change his priorities.

“If you’d told me at 20 I’d be unmarried and without kids, I probably would’ve been horrified,” he said of the milestone birthday in September last year.

“I’ve probably prioritised work more than I potentially should have over the past 10 years – to the detriment of my personal life.”

Dr Chris is ready to settle down with Liv.

(Image: Network Ten)

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