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Are Dr Chris Brown and Liv Phyland still together? Channel 10 star posts pic from hospital room

It certainly looks that way!
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Last year, Australia went into meltdown when they heard that Dr Chris Brown was single.

But then, a few weeks later, rumour had it, that he’d struck up a relationship with bubbly fellow Network Ten presenter, Liv Phyland.

While the pair never publicly admitted they were dating, there were many clues pointed to the fact that they were indeed together.

Notoriously private, Dr Chris and Liv kept mum on what was actually happening – even after there were whispers that they had called it quits.

But now it seems the pair could be back on again, as Dr Chris appeared in a story on the The Loop presenter’s Instagram account.

Dr Chris and Liv Phyland were linked last year.

(Source: Network Ten)

During an overnight stay in hospital, due to needing to have her appendix taken out, Liv took a selfie with Dr Chris in the background, staring intently into a machine.

“Me repeatedly over the last 24 hours: ‘You’re an animal doctor. I’m a human’,” she joked.

“You’re an animal doctor. I’m a human”, Liv joked.

(Source: Instagram/livphyland)

An earlier pic of Liv giving the “thumbs up” to chicken soup also suggested that Dr Chris (who was cleverly covered by some emojis) had been with her at the hospital until the early hours of the morning.

Before then, good friend and all-round funny girl, Tanya Hennessy, was by the Girls Who Glow founder’s side for the first shift and what an awesome friend!

Hmm… Dr Chris! Is that you?

(Source: Instagram/livphyland)

“So much style,” Liv wrote of her friend Tanya.

(Source: Instagram/livphyland)

Back in November last year, Liv and Chris were spotted at a truck stop on Sydney’s Central Coast.

According to a source, who revealed all to The Advertiser at the time: “They left together in a white range rover, he was driving and she was in the passenger seat.”


While this is very good intel indeed, it’s the pair’s Instagram that has eagle eyed followers seemingly confirming their “couple” status.

The pair are said to have been friends for a while now, including working together on Dr Chris’ show, The Living Room.

Whether they are together or not, we really hope that Liv gets well soon!

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