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All the clues that Dr Chris Brown and Network 10 presenter Liv Phyland are dating

The pair were spotted heading on a weekend away on the Central Coast of Sydney.
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Ladies, your hearts are about to be severely broken because one of Australia’s most eligible bachelors is off the market again. We think.

Dr Chris Brown, Australia’s best looking vet, has sparked some serious rumours after he and Channel 10’s The Loop presenter, Liv Phyland, were spotted at a truck stop on Sydney’s Central Coast over the weekend.

And after seeing some very telling evidence on Instagram, all the signs are pointing to a hot new romance!

According to a source, who revealed all to The Advertiser: “They left together in a white range rover, he was driving and she was in the passenger seat.”


While this is very good intel indeed, it’s the pair’s Instagram that has eagle eyed followers seemingly confirming their “couple” status.

After a Network Ten industry event in October, I’m a Celeb‘s Dr Chris and Liv were spotted getting super cozy on the dance floor.

And then, in a bit of a shock move, the pair seemed to “unfollow” one another on the gram the very next day.

It does seem that the pair have been friends for a while now, including working together on The Living Room, so the said un-following was a little odd.

In fact, Chris even went to Liv’s birthday festivities in early October – so why not take an interest in each others socials?

Now, weeks after both events, the 40-year-old vet and the 28-year-old model, are back following one another and this begs the question: were they trying to ward off those pesky rumours?

We may also have been blinded by the hope that Dr Chris was single, because the pair (well, Liv…) have been more than open about their friendship/relationship on social media.

Just last Tuesday, Liv tagged Chris in her story at the beach – where they headed out with co-host Scott Tweedie and music VJ Danny Clayton.

“‘Round 2’ with Scott Tweedie, Dr Chris Brown and Danny Clayton”. Liv posted to her Insta story. (Source: Instagram/livphyland)

It’s no surprise that Liv and Chris have found love with one another.

They do seem to have a lot of similar interests, including their love of adventure and the ocean. (Oh my gosh, they have so much in common!)

While the vet posts lots of pictures of beautiful sunsets about his adventures around the country, Liv posts about her love of the ocean, dancing and a surprise meeting with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Bondi.

While we are very happy for the pair, it has been a very emotional roller coaster ride for Dr Chris fans over the past few months.

Hearts rebuilt themselves all over the country in September, as Dr Chris Brown revealed his single status on Network Ten’s Have You Been Paying Attention.

The Bondi Vet, who was last linked to girlfriend of two years, Channel 9 producer Kendall Bora, admitted that he was still looking for love when probed by the show’s regulars (and favourites) Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang.

During a conversation in which Ed decided Dr Chris would be the perfect cult leader, he teased: “You’ve got the looks, you’ve got the charm, you’ve got that big house with no one in it …”

Dr Chris appeared on Have You Been Paying Attention in September, confirming his single status. (Source: Network Ten)

“Considering I’m 40, still single and no children, I’m off to a fairly slow start,” he said.

“Why are you single?” Sam probed.

“Sam, it’s a very good question,” Dr Chris said. “I mean, it’s almost like there’s someone out there who has a way of denting my confidence,” referring to Sam and their epic banter battle during his stint as guest-host on HYBPA.

Celia Pacquola then asked the question of the night: “Would you do The Bachelor? They must have asked you to do it …”

“Let’s not start that,” Dr Chris said, but start it they did, because during his latest stint on the finale of the show, Dr Chris “thanked” the panellists for the “two months of hell” that followed the segment.

WATCH NEXT: Dr Chris Brown and Sam Pang go head-to-head on Have You Been Paying Attention. Post continues…

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Chris had kept very mum about his previous relationship and subsequent breakdown with Kendall and because of this, we expect no “official” confirmation that Liv and the good doctor are actually together.

So if they are, good for them and if they’re not, ain’t nothing like a good, juicy to start the week.

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