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Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry share good vibes with locals and go barefoot on Bondi Beach

The Duke and Duchess couldn't have looked more at home.

By Juliet Rieden
Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry kicked off their shoes as they got to experience true Aussie beach life this morning at Sydney's iconic Bondi Beach.
Thousands had turned out to see the couple, with many having staked out their spots from as early as 3am.
Royal fans flocked to see Harry and Meghan on Bondi Beach. (Image: Getty Images)
Meghan kicked off her wedges to get the full beach experience. (Image: Getty Images)
The crowd went wild cheering and screaming as the royals made their way onto the beach.
Harry and Meghan were met by Waverley Mayor John Wakefield and Grant Trebilco and Mr Sam Schumacher, founder and co-founder of OneWave, a local surfing community group which works to raise awareness for mental health and well-being in a fun and engaging way.
Meghan looked ready for a day at the beach, wearing a striped maxi dress by Australian designer Martin Grant, the very same designer of her camel trench coat that she's worn several times over the past few days.
The Duchess finished the look with some black wedges - not that they stayed on for long!
She couldn't have looked more at home as she intereacted with Bondi locals, even telling them she got up at 4:30am that morning for a yoga session.
"It was so good for healing your mind," she said to the group of OneWave members.
Their Royal Highnesses were quickly gifted a coloured lei before taking part in the "Fluro Friday" session at the beach.
Sitting on the sand, the couple took part in an 'Anti Bad Vibe Circle' where participants of all ages discussed their experiences with mental health issues.
The couple participated in a 'Fluro Friday' session with a Bondi community group. (Image: Getty Images)
Sitting in an 'Anti Bad Vibe Circle' on the beach, Harry and Meghan shared some sweet interactions with the locals. (Image: Getty Images)
Lei's were also necessary for both royals upon arrival. (Image: Getty Images)
Harry chatted to the group at length during the session while holding on to Meghan's hand. In a sweet moment afterwards, the group shared hugs - something we know Harry and Meghan are incredibly generous with giving. Today was no different.
The couple also showed their humorous side during the session. OneWave beach yoga group member Mark Micelli asked the Prince if he had ever waxed a surfboard and handed him a lump of wax.
"You want me to wax your board?" the Prince asked and reached over to wax it.
"Next time find someone else to do it," he joked, before Meghan reached to help out.
"You can join in if you like," a member of the group said, pointing to the ocean.
"Too cold today," the Prince replied, before adding: "Go guys, go and get in the water."
Thousands came to Bondi to get a glimpse of the royals. (Image: Getty Images)
The couple then watched the community group embark on their weekly morning yoga and surfing sessions and strolled up the sand to meet members of the public and the beach's famous lifeguards.
Every step of the way they were handed gifts including a huge teddy bear, a knitted jumper, booties and flowers.
Among the royal fans who came to see Harry and Meghan were a duo familiar to The Weekly - Giovanni Testini, 30 and Jarrod Allen, 29 from swimwear brand Buddy Smugglers.
The Weekly first met the pair in 2014 on Manly Beach when they gifted some Smugglers to baby George.
This morning the scantily clad lads were back with more Smuggler gifts of swimmers for the Duke and Duchess and their yet-to-be-born baby.
"Harry will look great in these," said Jarrod holding up the skimpy trunks grinning.
The couple have another busy day ahead, with Harry set to climb the Harbour Bridge. Once at the top, he will raise the Invictus flag to mark the arrival of the Invictus Games to Sydney.
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