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David and Candice Warner awkwardly snub Georgia Love as she interviews them on ‘The Project’

“I’m sorry, ma’am. I’ve said everything I have to say.”
David Warner, Candice Warner, Georgia Love

David Warner is making headlines again this morning, but this time around it’s for something rather funny… and just a little bit awkward.

The former Australian cricket vice-captain, who continues to face a barrage of media attention following his role in the ball-tampering scandal, was recently hit with questions as he exited Melbourne airport. And the reporter behind the interview just happened to be none other than former Bachelorette Australia star Georgia Love.

But in an awkward turn of events, he failed to recognise the former reality star — who now works as a reporter for Channel Ten. In fact, he brushed her off and repeatedly called her “ma’am.”

“Are you going to be meeting with Cricket Australia today?” Georgia asked, as she pointed at microphone at David and his wife Candice.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. I’ve said everything I have to say,” David said.

Undeterred, she asked again: “Are you planning on appealing?”

“I’m sorry, ma’am’,” David responded, once again.

We’re guessing the cricketer and his wife weren’t fans of the 2016 series of The Bachelorette?


David has been handed a 12-month ban for his role in the scandal. He’s also lost individual sponsorship deals, with reports suggesting the saga could cost as much as A$5 million in lost earnings and endorsements.

Last week, the disgraced sportsman, Candice and their two daughters were pictured as they arrived home after leaving the South Africa tour.

“As you can understand, it’s been a tough and an emotional time for my wife and the kids,” he told waiting media, upon his near-midnight arrival at Sydney airport.

“At the moment, my priority is to get these kids in bed and rest up and let my mind be clear so I can think and talk to you in a couple of days.”

As the young family made their way out of the airport, a flustered Candice could be seen wiping tears from her face.

The young family made an emotional first appearance at Sydney airport following the cheating scandal.

Comforted by his wife Candice, the embattled cricketer was intent on getting his two young daughters to bed.

Both David and Candice could be seen wiping tears from their eyes.

David issued a tearful apology during press conference in Sydney on Saturday morning, in which he accepted “full responsibility” for planning the scandal.

“I failed in my responsibility as vice-captain of the Australia cricket team,” he said.

“To the fans and the lovers of the game who have supported and inspired me on my journey as a cricketer, I want to sincerely apologise for betraying your trust in me.”

He added: “I have let you down badly.”

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