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Chris Hemsworth drops unrecognisable birthday throwback as brothers Liam and Luke roast him

He was destined to be a superhero!
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Chris Hemsworth turned 39 on Thursday and marked the milestone with an adorable childhood throwback where he’s frankly unrecognisable.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, the Hollywood star shared a photo of himself as a young boy in a charming Batman costume.

“My younger self would be so disappointed,” the Marvel star joked in the caption, referring to his role as Thor in several blockbuster superhero movies.

Chris Hemsworth posted this adorable throwback.

(Image: Instagram)

The little boy in the photos is barely recognisable as the muscular movie star we know today, but there’s no denying his twin sons Sasha and Tristan look a lot like Chris did as a child.

He wasn’t the only one marking his birthday this week either.

On Thursday Chris’ younger brother Liam Hemsworth shared his own tribute to the Thor star for his big day, posting a less than flattering photo of them together.

While Liam looked handsome as ever in the snowy snap, Chris was caught with snow and ice caked in his beard during what appeared to be a snowboarding trip.

Liam poked fun at his brother for his milestone birthday.

(Image: Instagram)

“Happy birthday @chrishemsworth Don’t change a thing. You’re perfect. Love you,” Liam captioned the photo.

He has a history of poking fun at his elder brother on his birthday, going so far as to share a family photo Chris wasn’t even in for his birthday in 2021.

The photo instead showed Liam and their other brother, Luke Hemsworth, wrestling under a waterfall, leaving Chris out of his own birthday tribute entirely.

And it looks like a sense of humour runs in the family because Luke decided to make fun of brother Chris in his birthday post this year too.

Luke shared his own cheeky birthday post.

(Image: Instagram)

Sporting a pink t-shirt emblazoned with Chris’ face as Thor and a quote from one of the Marvel movies, Luke captioned it: “Happy birthday @chrishemsworth we’ve had our fair share of arguments, disputes and disagreements.

“We’ve traded a few good whacks, slaps, kicks and headbutts. But honestly and simply… I love you bro. You’re an exceptional human. There’s no other face I love more on my T-shirts.”

At least Chris can count on wife Elsa Pataky to write him a nice birthday post this year, right?

Elsa shared this amazing snap.

(Image: Instagram)

The Spanish actress shared a stunning shot of Chris in the bath with a bird perched on his head to mark the occasion and boy did he look good.

“Happy birthday to my favourite parrot trainer, kids handler and wife tamer,” she captioned it.

“There’s nothing you can’t do. We love you to the moon and back.”

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