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Celebrities are losing it in self-isolation and their hilarious videos are helping us get through it all

You're not the only one going stir-crazy.
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There’s a reason solitary confinement is used as a type of torture. While self-isolation isn’t quite as harsh, it certainly can be a punish and leave you feeling a little loopy!

The good news is: you are not alone.

Even our favourite celebs are losing the plot while social distancing. And if that doesn’t provide you any comfort, it can at the very least provide you with a little entertainment.

We’ve rounded up the best (read: crazy) videos stars have shared from the safety of their homes.

Sophie Dillman & Patrick O’Connor

These Home And Away stars really are meant to be, if their hilarious and quirky videos are anything to go by.

Both Sophie and Patrick, who fell in love on the show, have been posting PLENTY of clips while stuck in lockdown. Both have been specialising in lip sync videos TikTok is most famous for.

The latest creation, thanks to Sophie, sees the star perfectly mime the lyrics to Eminem and D12’s hit song, My Band.

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Angie Kent & Carlin Sterritt

If these videos don’t reaffirm Angie and Carlin’s romance post-Bachelorette, we don’t know what does!

We cannot stop laughing at this perfectly executed horse challenge. Angie followed up with a special shout out video ahead of the Dancing With The Stars finale, below.

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Sam Frost

In times like these we’re grateful for viral crazes like the “ressure down challenge”. We’re even more grateful for ray of sunshine, Sam Frost.

The Home And Away star shared this clip on day four of isolation.

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Julia Morris

Julia Morris and hubby Dan Thomas are keeping date night alive in isolation… in interesting fashion. The couple created their own ”Under the Sea” themed dinner, and frankly, we’re now planning our own.

The comedian shared the finer details and finishing touches on her Instagram, we love the commitment to the costumes.

Julia and Dan take date night very seriously.

(Credit: Instagram / @ladyjuliamorris)


Madonna free-styling with her son sums up every mother’s feelings about her kids during isolation.

“Irritate your mother, talk back to her, defy everything she asks you to do,” Madonna sings while keeping the beat on a black briefcase.

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Matty J & Laura Byrne

If you don’t already follow both Laura and Matty, do so, right now. The couple are constantly posting hilarious and relatable posts that are only set to get better the longer into isolation we get.

This Drake-inspired Flip The Switch video is our personal fave. We can’t stop wondering how Matty managed to squeeze into that dress!

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