If you don't laugh, you'll... cry laugh to these ridiculous, yet hilarious memes providing light relief as we weather the coronavirus storm

Turns out quarantine provides a haven for creativity.

By Jess Pullar
If you're feeling a little overwhelmed, scared or uncertain about this strange old time we're currently enduring - you're not alone.
Coronavirus, AKA COVID-19, has left many across the world experiencing fear and anxiety as countries go into various forms lockdown to battle the pandemic.
But as people adhere to the new norm of staying indoors, a new, rather creative movement has sprung.
Enter memes - one of the greatest things to be born from the internet, and a saviour to many in these unsettling times.
Inevitably, our news cycle has become chockers with information on the pandemic, with stats, stories and new strict measures and guidelines filling up our social media news feeds with information that can feel a little overwhelming.
That's why these memes have brought us all the more joy as they break up the daily news cycle and send us into fits of laughter.
Oh, and the other plus? While we might be going HAM on our quarantine snacks, we're for sure getting abs after the amount of giggles we've had over some of these.
Keep scrolling for comic relief a-plenty...