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Carrie Bickmore is unrecognisable in this latest selfie and we’re cheering!

We love the fact the pregnant TV star is keeping it real.
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Carrie Bickmore may be all glamour and gloss when it comes to appearing on The Project but the heavily-pregnant mum-of-two has shown she knows how to keep it real with this latest selfie in which the gorgeous blonde is virtually unrecognisable!

Carrie, 37, who also presents a 2Day FM radio show with Tommy Little, shared the image on Instagram and we instantly fell in love with her just that teensy bit more.

For Carrie, mum to 10-year-old Ollie and three-year-old Evie, was pictured with great streaks of black mascara running down her face and wrinkles that no filter could have erased, even if the down-to-earth media star had wanted to.

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“This was me after finishing the final chapter of the book I’m reading. It was so bloody sad!” Carrie captioned the image.

“Scared the hell out of my family – they thought something bad had happened!!!”

The star went on to explain that despite appearances, nothing truly terrible had taken place and that it was all, “Just me being a hormonal mess!”

And if panda eyes and forehead furrows weren’t enough, Carrie went on to draw attention that, “yes, that is snot dripping out of my nose”.

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That book she was reading must have had quite an ending as Carrie then went on, “since you are all asking… the book was called The Mother’s Group” which is possibly one to avoid if you’re feeling at all hormonal. And yes, Carrie, we’ve all been there!

The shot was a far cry from the usual polished look we see with the TV favourite such as this slightly more primped shot of Carrie with her friend and co-host of The Project Fifi Box.

Carrie’s just a week away from finishing up on the show to go on maternity leave for her third child, which will be her second baby with husband, Chris Walker.

Carrie’s first husband, Greg Lange and father of Ollie, tragically died aged just 35 in 2010 of brain cancer – something which Carrie has touched on previously over the years in her bid to raise awareness of the cruel disease.

Carrie with her first husband, Greg Lange who died of brain cancer eight years ago.

And judging by the caption on her gorgeous picture with Fifi, she’s going to miss her workmates.

“Last week of work before maternity leave. Gonna miss my gorgeous work families”, she wrote.

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Carrie enjoys being mum to Ollie and Evie and will soon have her hands full with number three! (Image: Instagram/@bickmorecarrie)

Although this is her third baby, growing her family hasn’t always been easy for the Project host.

Carrie tragically suffered a series of devastating miscarriages which she spoke about in a column for Stellar Magazine earlier this year.

“I was struggling to get my head around what had happened and was not in the mood to talk about it,” the star wrote.

Carrie also confessed that she was grateful to have not yet told anybody about the pregnancies before the losses occurred.

“I can’t imagine how I would have coped seeing the sad look in people’s faces or answering all the questions: ‘How’s bub coming along?’; ‘Have you got a bump yet?'”

She added: “I needed time to adjust.”

Carrie’s current pregnancy has been a happier journey, aside from morning sickness at the beginning and some overwhelming cravings for cake in recent times!

The heavily pregnant mum-to-be has gone from craving hot chips and peanut butter toast, to a full-blown cake and baking addiction, and she’s not planning on stopping any time soon, sharing her cake creations with her fans and making us all hungry in the process.

Fashion-fan Carrie also shared her latest accessory on Instagram – a fetching back brace used to deal with ongoing pelvic pain.

“Now adding a sexy pregnancy pelvis brace to my outfit … fashionista #pelvispain #backpain #everythinghurts,” she wrote.

More hilarity came with the recent “family” pregnancy photo shoot that Carrie did with her brood and yes, her radio co-host Tommy Little too!

2 + 2 = 5?! And no, we’re not including Carrie’s bump! Radio co-host Tommy Little gets in on the pregnancy photoshoot. (Image: Instagram/@carrietommyshow)

The shoot included this one particular image (see below) which once seen can never be forgotten!

No wonder Carrie’s screaming! (Image: Instagram/@carrietommyshow)

But the pictures were all for a good cause, being taken in aid of Unicef Australia’s Save A Newborn Appeal, a charity close to Carrie’s heart after she suffered a haemorrhage around 10 days after giving birth to Ollie.

“I needed to be rushed to hospital and I needed an operation and blood transfusions and it was a horrible horrible horrible time,” she revealed on her and Tommy’s Instagram page.

“If it wasn’t for the incredible country that we live in and the doctors, surgeons and the healthcare that we have here, who knows what the outcome could’ve been for me because it was really touch and go.”

Knowing that thousands of women didn’t have her luck and access to great healthcare, Carrie became a UNICEF ambassador to help other mums-to-be in developing nations.

Now, while the devoted mum can put up her feet before baby arrives, we hope she’s also going to be popping up in our feed with her latest candid shot showing what life’s really like for celebs away from the lights of the TV studio.

We can’t wait!

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