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Will The Sunday Project be cancelled? Lisa Wilkinson weighs in

The show's ratings have plummeted - so does this spell the end for The Sunday Project?

By Bella Brennan
It boasts some of the biggest A-list interviews with Australia's leading journalist Lisa Wilkinson at the helm of the show.
But Channel 10's Sunday Project is failing to make its mark in the ratings war with the most recent figures revealing only 198, 000 people watched this week's episode, which featured an exclusive interview with Aussie pop princess Kylie Minogue.
According to the stats, 198,000 initially tuned in with it growing to 326,000 half an hour later.
And now, an industry insider has told The Daily Telegraph's Sydney Confidential column that behind the scenes, many believe the numbers should be higher.
"It is not a good look for the show which somehow gets huge interviews, bigger names than the weekday shows," the insider explained to the publication.
"It has been a pattern of low numbers in recent weeks with the Serena Williams chat, the Honey Badger chat and now this. Dropping below 200,000 is significant in the industry. As much as Ten would be outwardly pretending it wasn't an issue, behind the scenes they would not be happy," the source added.
Lisa has travelled around the world this year to secure interviews with names like Bradley Cooper, Serena Williams and David Beckham for The Sunday Project. (Image: Lisa Wilkinson Instagram)
When Lisa Wilkinson was approached for comment by Sydney Confidential, she remained positive about the future of The Project's weekend edition, highlight that the numbers for the Sunday show had actually increased since her appointment at the start of the year.
"There are very few programs on Australian TV who can say that their numbers are up. I do not understand why those reports are out there. I cannot worry about that. I worry about putting the best possible show together every Sunday night," she said.
As for Channel 10, they have been quick to shut down any negative speculation in regards to the ratings.
"It's great to see more and more people discovering The Sunday Project as reflected in its solid audience growth. Packed full of all the latest news and entertainment, the show attracts the big names and, as we've always said, delivers news differently — it's a nice news alternative to kick-off the week," a spokeswoman told The Telegraph.

In October last year, longtime Today show host Lisa announced the shocking news that she was departing the Channel Nine breakfast show, only to announce less than an hour later that she was joining Network Ten's The Project.
Her new role includes hosting The Sunday Project and appearing on the weekday version of The Project a few times a week.
When Lisa first joined The Sunday Project desk, The Sydney Morning Herald reported she attracted a national average of 800,000 viewers for her first show.
However it's believed these numbers were simply indicative of viewers tuning in to see how her first show would go.
Meanwhile, an insider recently told Woman's Day there's "a lot of tension behind the scenes," as Carrie feels humiliated as more details of Lisa's massive deal emerge.
"Lisa is getting paid all that money for just two nights a week on camera, and she wants all the best stories here and overseas. Now she wants her air dates changed. Where does that leave Carrie?"

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