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EXCLUSIVE: Is Bindi Irwin planning a million-dollar tell-all memoir?

The wildlife warrior and mum-of-one has a lot to share.
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For Bindi Irwin, 2022 is all about beginning a new chapter – both figuratively, and, sources say, literally.

Woman’s Day has learned that the 23-year-old is planning to pen her memoirs, sparing no details over the tragic loss of her dad Steve Irwin and the joy of becoming a young mum to 10-month-old Grace Warrior.

“Bindi’s been going through her old journals and diaries from when she was a kid, and she’s found some amazing anecdotes about her life,” says a source.

“It’s not all about her dad, either, although he comes up a lot. There are some really sweet entries about when she first met Chandler [Powell], her now-husband, when she was a teenager.”

“Big things are on the horizon for Bindi.”

(Image: Instagram)

Late last year, during an appearance on podcast What About Death!?, Bindi teased a snippet of her personal writing from when she was just eight and coping with losing her dad, saying, “One day – I wrote it in my journal actually – I was like, ‘This is it, I am choosing not to wallow in sadness any more.'”

A source says, “Bindi found it cathartic to talk about her grieving process on that podcast, and it’s opened her eyes up to a world of opportunity.

“She knows her dad was so beloved by people all over the world, as is she, and she’s ready to share her true story.”

Last week, Bindi hinted she was ready to begin a new phase in her life, revealing that she’s finished breastfeeding Grace. She marked the occasion by getting two tattoos, which she shared to social media.

Bindi shared her new tattoos with her followers.

(Images: Instagram)

One reads “graceful warrior” in her dad’s handwriting along her forearm, punctuated with a likeness of her alligator Daisy, while the other is a floral loop around her wedding ring finger in a tribute to Chandler, 25.

“Big things are on the horizon for Bindi,” says a source.

“She survived the first year of motherhood and she’s feeling empowered. She might be young but she feels she has a lot to offer in a memoir.”

And industry insiders agree.

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“Just like her dad, Bindi is someone people love, in Australia, America and around the world,” says a publishing source.

“Her book would be an instant bestseller, and would spark many more opportunities – even a documentary or feature film.

“The earning opportunities would start in the millions. The best-case scenario is she could earn billions.”

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