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EXCLUSIVE: Bert Newton rushed to hospital

Bert Newton has been rushed to the emergency room after suffering a health scare.
Bert Newton

The television legend and his concerned wife Patti Newton spent seven hours in Epworth hospital in Melbourne on Wednesday.

Later that night a distraught looking Patti emerged to return to the family home, alone.

“Patti definitely looked stressed, like something was really up,” an onlooker at the scene tells Woman’s Day.

“She was far from her usual calm self.”

This latest dash to the ER comes after Bert was hospitalised for a serious bout of pneumonia in March, one of several times he has battled the potentially deadly infection.

“She was far from her usual calm self,” a friend says of Patti.

The showbiz legend was at Epworth hospital in Melbourne for seven hours.

“Bert has been ill on a number of unreported occasions,” a close pal adds.

“Bert has been ill on a number of unreported occasions,” a close friend of the pair tells Woman’s Day.

“The most notable time was his heart scare [in 2012] when hospitalised and immediately prepped for surgery. On that time they were prepared for the worst.”

A stressed-looking Patti takes a moment outside the hospital.

In March, the 78-year-old was rushed to hospital with pneumonia. (Images/Splash)

“But Bert has a strong constitution, it leaves his family gobsmacked sometimes,” adds the Newton’s friend.

“He will rally and say, ‘Stop worrying, I’m OK’, when doctors least expect it. They don’t make them like Bert anymore.”

We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.

Bert Newton

Bert’s beloved grandkids pay him a visit during his most recent stint in hospital last month.

Wishing Bert a speedy recovery.

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