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Bert and Patti’s 11-year secret: “Now we can finally tell the truth”

TV’s first family is finally rejoicing again after years of heartache.
Bert and Patti Newton

Bert and Patti Newton have only ever wanted the best for their son.

So when Matthew Newton spiralled out of control in 2006 and was arrested for assaulting his then girlfriend, actress Brooke Satchwell, they were devastated.

What followed was a long and very public downfall, which saw Matthew’s battles with mental illness, his substance issues and further alleged violent assaults flung into the spotlight.

For years, Patti, 72, and Bert, 78, have done all they can to put on a brave face.

They’ve rarely spoken about Matt’s battles, in a bid to separate their private pain from their public image and keep their family together.

Now after Matthew, who is set to wed Catherine Schneiderman this year, revealed last week that he “hasn’t touched a drink in five years”, Bert and Patti are finally free.

After a string of run-ins with police, then 90 days in treatment for drugs and alcohol in 2012, Matthew appears to have his life in order.

No longer do they have to hide their pain at their son’s behaviour, and they couldn’t be more delighted that Matthew has turned his life around.

New York-based Matt, 40, is currently enjoying renewed success thanks to his recent directorial effort From Nowhere.

He has also reignited his acting career with a small role in the thriller Wasn’t Afraid to Die.

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Bert and Patti, pictured with daughter Lauren and granddaughter Lola, are overjoyed their son is happy again.

“Matt is definitely happier now than he has been for years,” a neighbour in the US tells Woman’s Day exclusively.

“He’s worked very hard over the past few years and now it’s time to enjoy life,” the source adds. “He’s turned his life around.”

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