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Patti Newton opens up about Bert’s final days six months after his death: “I didn’t want him to suffer anymore”

And what he asked her just before he passed.
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Patti Newton has opened up about late husband Bert Newton’s final days in her first official TV interview since losing him last year.

Appearing on The Morning Show with musician and longtime family friend John Foreman at her side, Patti revealed she was, in a way, ready for Bert to go.

“I didn’t want him to suffer anymore, so I probably am relieved that he’s in a safe place and resting peacefully,” Patti told hosts Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur.

“He’s still surrounded by a lot of love. That’s what gets me through.”

Patti Newton has opened up about losing her husband.

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Recalling Bert’s final days in hospital after a long bout of ill health and surgery to amputate his leg, Patti said her husband spent time reflecting on his life and illness.

He even asked her if she believed he was a good person and had “done an okay job” of it all, to which Patti replied: “I don’t know anyone else that would have handled having a leg amputated and being unable to move and not being able to go anywhere.”

The 77-year-old was “so proud” of how her husband handled his final days and couldn’t be more proud of the legacy he left behind, both with his career and their family.

With two children, Lauren and Matthew, and a whole host of grandkids supporting her, Patti said she has good and bad days as she carries on life without Bert at her side.

WATCH: Lauren Newton’s letter at father Bert’s Funeral. Stor continues after video.

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“It’s a really odd feeling because, to be honest, some days it feels like forever, and other days it feels like yesterday,” she revealed.

“We always talk about him a lot. I think because he’s very much present in the house and everywhere we go, it does help … he’s sort of here with me, and he will always be.”

She added that having daughter Lauren and her six children around makes it easier to deal with Bert’s loss, especially when they remember him together.

Patti’s grandkids have come to associate yellow butterflies with their poppy, as well as the moon – a subtle tribute to Bert’s nickname “Moonface”.

Patti was heartbroken by Bert’s death.

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Bert died on October 30, 2021 after a long period of hospitalisation and Patti was sadly unable to be by his side when he took his final breaths.

However, in a conversation with reporters immediately after his death, Patti said she believed her husband intended for things to play out as they did.

“I left at ten past seven, and I was just pulling around to come into my drive and I get the call to say he’d taken his last breath at 7.22pm,” she said at the time.

“So I missed him, but maybe he didn’t want me to be there for his last breath.”

The legendary TV entertainer was farewelled in a landmark state funeral with a wide array of A-list guests, family and friends there to say goodbye.

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