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Bert and Patti Newton: We blame ourselves

Bert and Patti Newton: We blame ourselves

Matt Newton is at rock bottom after suffering a mental breakdown amid allegations he beat Rachael Taylor after she rejected his marriage proposal.

He sips vodka and soda discreetly in a trendy nightclub. It’s dark, but not enough that he can’t be recognised.

Occasionally, he leaves his celebrity friends and hangers on for a private room. As the night goes on, his speech is slurring more and his feet are becoming increasingly wobbly. Finally, he leaves at 1.30am.

This eye witness account could be any night out for a trendy young thing, but not Matthew Newton, the star disgraced in the past who had been given the ultimate second chance. On this night, he was less than a month out of rehab and beginning his quest for public redemption as the host of Channel Seven’s multi-million dollar production The X Factor.

“His whole attitude had changed and he was in the mood to party just like the old Matt,” says a source of his quick turnaround after rehab.

Matt’s new role on The X Factor, an enormous leap of faith from Channel Seven executives well aware of his past, was on the condition he had reformed. He clearly hadn’t. The next week, he was back at the same Kings Cross haunt again, back to his old ways.

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