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Bec and Lleyton: The baby who healed us

Bec Hewitt Lleyton Hewitt

A new bouncing bundle of joy is finally bringing peace and harmony to the feuding Hewitts

Bec Hewitt has been looking noticeably happier as she showed off her new brunette locks while supporting hubby Lleyton through his Aussie tennis campaign.

But Woman’s Day can finally reveal it’s not just being back home and close to loved ones but the chance to indulge her cluckiness over a new bub that’s put the smile back on Bec’s face!

According to one well-placed tennis insider, Bec, 31, has been having lots of cuddles with sister-in-law Jaslyn’s new baby after a bitter five-year family rift finally came to an end recently.

Until recently, Bec and Lleyton, 33, had been stuck in the middle of the stand-off between his parents Glynn and Cherilyn and Lleyton’s “lost” sister Jaslyn, once one of Bec’s closest confidantes.

The battle began after Jaslyn, 31, a tennis coach and bodybuilder, fell in love with Rob Shehadie, a Logie-nominated actor and stand-up comedian.

They were from very different worlds – Rob, 37, a working-class Aussie-Lebanese bloke from Western Sydney; Jaslyn from tennis royalty and raised in the posh part of Adelaide. While the couple saw only love, though Jaslyn’s parents disapproved.

“After watching Jaslyn date top Swedish tennis player Joachim Johansson, they weren’t ready to welcome Rob,” says our source.

None Jaslyn’s immediate family turned up to the 2010 Port Douglas ceremony, with Bec and Lleyton committed to his schedule, leaving Jaslyn hurt.

Bec was guilt-ridden but she was caught in the middle of it all. “Having always put family first, the rift was heartbreaking for her,” we’re told.

When Jaslyn had her first child Jonah in 2011, everyone hoped the feuding would stop – but it wasn’t until she had her second baby that the parties finally communicated.

Bec and Lleyton are delighted their own brood – Mia, 9, Cruz, 6, and Ava, 4, will now grow up with their cousins.

Bec was filled with relief to join Lleyton’s parents to meet Jaslyn and Rob’s new baby and share some cuddles with the kids, it was more than just a family gathering.

Read all about Bec, Lleyton and the how the Hewitt family rift is healing only in Woman’s Day, on sale 26th January.

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