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EXCLUSIVE: The TV show that prepared Angie Kent for the pandemic and why she got “stitched up” on The Bachelorette

“A bunch of deeply average blokes. Just kidding!”
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We’re used to seeing Angie Kent on our TVs in shows like The Bachelorette, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here and Dancing With The Stars.

But lately the 31-year-old has been spending most her time parked on the couch in front of her TV like the rest of us in lockdown.

Fortunately, she tells TV WEEK, she’s had plenty of practice when it comes to binge-watching after getting her start on Gogglebox in 2015.

“It’s almost as if I have prepared myself with four years of professional TV watching on Gogglebox to now live quite easily watching TV,” she laughs.

“When I’m not working, I’m pretty much just watching TV because there’s nothing else to do!”

Angie Kent got her start on TV with bestie Yvie Jones on Gogglebox.


Angie even plans to tune into Brooke Blurton’s season of The Bachelorette, after being unable to watch the 2020 season because it was so “triggering”.

The 31-year-old was going through her own breakup with her winner Carlin Sterritt around the time Elly and Becky Miles’ season aired, and watching it brought back memories that were just too raw.

Now, after taking a year off dating and getting some distance from the franchise, she’s excited to see how Brooke’s ground-breaking season will play out.

“I can’t wait to watch Brooke being our first Indigenous and bisexual Bachelorette,” Angie says.

Brooke will have both men and women vying for her heart on the show, something Angie wish she’d had during her season as the Bachelorette.

“I wish I knew that was an option because I’m pansexual,” she reveals.

“I feel like I got stitched up with a bunch of deeply average blokes. Just kidding!”

As for her advice to Brooke going into the experience, Angie urges the new Bachelorette not to get too caught up in the serious stuff.

“She looks really serious about it, which is good, but you’ve got to have fun. I hope she gets to have some laughs as well.”

As for her own dating life, Angie keeps tight-lipped, telling us the only thing she’s in love with right now is her TV.

Outside of watching (and starring in) reality shows, Angie loves nothing more than a good comedy or thriller series for her lockdown viewing.

She’s been watching everything using an Amazon Fire TV Stick lately, a new streaming device that plugs into any TV to deliver as many movies and TV shows as you can handle.

And Angie has been able to handle plenty in lockdown.

She raves about the SBS on Demand series Chad – “you can binge the hell out of it” – and PEN15 on Stan – “it is so freaking funny, I highly recommend it.”

Her go-to “twisted” show to binge is Euphoria on Foxtel, which she’s marathoning again this lockdown because she’s “just so obsessed with it”.

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That’s the best part of the Amazon Fire TV Stick – Angie (and you) can access just about any streaming service with it, from Netflix, to Disney+, Prime Video and more.

With all the binge-watching she’s been doing lately, we can’t help but wonder if Angie could be tempted to return to Gogglebox, like Adam Densten and Symon Lovett.

She tells us she’d “never say never” to a comeback with pal and podcast co-host Yvie Jones.

“If an opportunity came up for me to sit with my best friend on a couch and watch all my favourite shows again, I’d probably do it,” she admits.

She’s already agreed to return to Dancing With The Stars for its upcoming All Stars season, alongside other big names like Courtney Act, who left Angie “mesmerised”.

We know her as this glam TV star, but Angie has spent most of her time in front of the TV during lockdown.


“I’m obsessed with her,” she says. “I don’t really get starstruck but when I met her I was like ‘Oh my god’.”

The last time Angie appeared on the show was in 2020 and she was “so stressed”, coming off the back of her Bachelorette and I’m A Celebrity… gigs.

This time she’s ready to fully embrace the experience, adding: “I love dancing. I’m not good at it, but I love it.”

And fans love watching her on Dancing With The Stars, as well as all the other shows she’s been on.

In fact, it feels like she’s done just about all of them, bar a few – but Angie doesn’t have plans to add more to her resume.

“I can’t cook well, I can’t build, I can’t sing, so everyone can be safe knowing I won’t be doing any more reality TV shows,” she laughs.

“And nothing to do with love ever again!”

We guess that’s a ‘no’ to a celebrity season of Love Island, then!

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