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Yup, Angie Kent and her boyfriend Carlin Sterritt are still together

They're still going strong!

By Rebecca Sullivan
It's only been a couple of months since our 2019 Bachelorette Angie Kent chose Sydney fitness trainer and budding actor Carlin Sterritt to be her man, but already the pair have been forced to defend constant rumours that their relationship is on the rocks - and that they've split altogether!
But we're here to report than unless these two have managed to pull off the ultimate ruse, they are definitely still a couple.
Until very recently, Angie, 30, and Carlin, also 30, were toughing it out in a long-distance relationship, with Angie living in her hometown on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, and Carlin based in Sydney.
Anyone who has been in a long distance relationship knows that it can be a total battle, and living in separate cities clearly proved to be difficult for Carlin and Angie.
"This long distance thing is the absolute pits. Not long now. @carlinsterritt," Angie wrote on Instagram a few weeks ago.
And Carlin replied: "Gahhh Miss you!!!"
Angie and Carlin are currently in a long-distance relationship. Instagram
But now, Angie has made the move down the east coast and lives in Sydney too, although the couple don't live together.
"We get to see each other every second day instead of once every few weeks when I was living in Queensland," Angie told The Daily Telegraph.
"That makes the relationship so much easier — being able to see someone whenever you want."
The former Gogglebox gal had previously hinted at her plans to move cities for her man, though the pair want to take things slowly before they move in together.
"I will be looking at moving back to Sydney at the beginning of next year," Angie told Vogue Australia at the end of 2019, although she and Carlin still live separately.
"Not together, we don't want to live together yet," she said.
"We just want to have [a] nice, average, normal relationship where we get to go out on a date."
They plan to both be in the same city very soon. (Image: Instagram)
Angie says that for now, the couple just want to take things slowly and live life like a normal couple, after the intensity of The Bachelorette.
"The Bachelorette's so full on, and when you finish, it's like you're engaged but you're not," she told The Kyle and Jackie O show this week.
"We've already done the full-on part where I date 20 other people and then we wanted to take it back to basics, right? And just go out for brunch, have sleepovers. Be an average couple," Angie said.
And she further explained their decision not to live together.
"We wanted to give it six months not living together and once we hit a year, we'll see," she said.
But when they are together, Angie says she and Carlin are "so comfortable" and completely at ease with each other, even going to the bathroom while the other person is showering!
"[He's] just having showers while I'm on the toilet, just normal couple stuff, no holding back," she told Nine Honey at the end of last year.
The couple say they just want to be normal after their intense reality TV experience. (Image: Instagram)
Angie is one of the celebrity contestants on the 2020 season of Dancing With The Stars, and she's been partnered with a rather handsome professional dancer, Julian Caillon.
But despite DWTS' infamous history of romances between the celebs and their dance partners, Angie has reassured us she only has eyes for Carlin.
"I just dated 20 dudes in front of Australia and I've got my beautiful boyfriend and now I have to dance intimately with another man," Angie told The Daily Telegraph.
"It is a bit hardcore but practice makes perfect. You could pass me to anybody and no one is going to make me stray. I am set with my man. I am not looking everywhere. Carlin is good. He met Julian and all is good."

And if you were wondering if Carlin and Angie would be tying the knot anytime soon - they were papped looking at rings in Sydney last week - Angie says they certainly won't be rushing to the altar.
"I never wanted to get married. I'm not big on marriage, but if he wanted to I probably would," Angie told Kyle and Jackie O.
She added: "I'm not the sort of person that's like, planned her wedding. I've planned my funeral but I haven't planned my wedding."
Despite her love for Carlin, Angie says she doesn't want to get married. (Image: Instagram)
It was clear that when Angie and Carlin were first able to go public with their love once The Bachelorette finale had aired, they were still figuring out how to navigate their strange new relationship.
Back in November, Carlin, opened up to NW about his relationship with Angie, admitting they did have an "incredibly strong connection", but they also had some "very big hurdles" in the way.
"If I did propose, or for our relationship to work on the outside, we have to iron out a few issues first," he revealed at the time.
Angie still chats to Timm Hanly, her #2 choice on The Bachelorette. (Image: Instagram)
Around this same time, Angie also revealed that she was still in contact with Timm Hanly, the lovable runner-up on The Bachelorette.
"Timm is one of those people, I am one of those people, when I make a connection with somebody, I don't care about contracts," she revealed on The Project, admitting she had violated her contract with Network 10 and been in touch with Timm.
"I don't care about what you are not supposed to do," she said.
WATCH BELOW: Angie and Carlin have hotel room service together. Story continues after video.
But at the end of the day these two are just trying to make their love work - and have been sharing some very cute Instagram dedications.
On January 20, Carlin posted a series of cute couple photos of himself and Angie, with a sweet caption to commemorate their six-month anniversary.
"This day almost 6 months ago was the game changer. Something clicked and even though I knew you couldn't be mine yet @angiekent," Carlin wrote.
"I could certainly see it for my future. A connection or spark you feel with someone special cannot be explained... only felt!"
Angie replied in a comment: "And almost 6 months since we've been together- together in the real world! Madness! Shout out to all the supporters who said 52 days (or some time around then) until we would break up or this so called Bachelorette 'contract' I know nothing about would end 👋🏽."
This photo was taken during filming of The Bachelorette, when Angie and Carlin's romance was starting to get serious. Instagram
And just a few weeks ago, Carlin uploaded a sweet photo of Angie with the caption: "I see a beauty in you that you often fail to see, so I will spend my time reminding you because you're everything to me 😍".
Aww! Angie herself commented on the pic, saying, "You're the best. Thanks for loving me. Warts and all 💩"
So as it turns out, love isn't dead!