The boys are back! Adam Densten and Symon Lovett return to Gogglebox in new season

But it's not like we missed them or anything...

By Tina Burke
Fans were devastated when comedic duo Adam Densten and Symon Lovett left the Gogglebox family in 2019 after five years and 10 seasons on the air.
There from the beginning, the pair played a huge part in the success story of the unlikely smash hit TV show about people watching TV.
"We wanted to do things a bit more creative. It was just the right time in our lives," Symon told TV WEEK at the time of their decision to leave the show. And they've certainly accomplished that goal.
Since departing the show in 2019, the pair have gone into the jungle on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! and were picked to host a new sports series, Premierships And Footy Trips, on FOX Footy, though this project was scrapped due to COVID.
Adam and Symon were fan-faves on Gogglebox. Image: 10
They've also taken their successful podcast, the Adam & Symon Show, from strength to strength and launched a footy-focused spin-off called He's Been Doing It All Day. But now it's time to return to their roots.
In an exciting announcement on Tuesday morning, Gogglebox confirmed the return of the two stars for the upcoming fourteenth season.
"Our new season may just knock your socks off," they wrote in the caption, alongside a video revealing the return of our old faves.
"Yeh the boys!! Good to have you back. We missed you," wrote co-star Matty Fahd in the comments, while friend and fellow TV star Georgia Love celebrated with a simple "YAAASSSS."

The Melbourne-based boys say it just "makes sense" to return, given how much time they've been spending in front of their screens as Melburnians go in and out of lockdown.
"We've spent so much time on the couch in the last year, we thought it was only natural to come back to Gogglebox!" Adam and Symon said in a statement.
The return of Adam and Symon isn't the only change in 2021, however.
There will be some key differences this season. Image: 10
Due to the ongoing COVID crisis in Sydney and Melbourne, some other cast changes have also been confirmed.
Per reports, the Sydney-based Delpechitra and Elias families will be unable to return due to lockdown this year as they live in restricted regions of the city.
Meanwhile, the Silbery trio will appear in new COVID-safe settings, with Isabelle dialing in on Zoom while her mother and grandmother sit together on the couch. Likewise, Jad will stream in as Matty and Sarah Marie watch from their home, while best friends Kaday and Chantel will both join on Zoom.
Though the stars have had to adapt to a new way of working this season, the show is still sure to bring some much-needed joy to our lives when it returns next month.
Gogglebox premieres on Wednesday September 8 on Lifestyle and Thursday September 9 on 10.

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