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Gogglebox’s Angie Kent and Yvie Jones say their final farewells to their best friend, Tom

''Goodbye for now, not forever my prince.''
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Gogglebox and Bachelorette star Angie Kent has taken to Instagram in a final farewell to her departed best friend, Tom.

Tom, who had Down syndrome and diabetes, sadly passed away aged 42. In tribute to her late friend, Angie shared a collection of heartwarming videos featuring their best moments together.

Angie’s best friend, Tom passed away aged 42.

(Image: Instagram)

“I’m going to say one of my final farewells not through my average style of a lengthy novel about how much pure joy you brought to my life over the last 11 years,” she wrote.

“Not just as a housemate, or support worker but as my best friend and family, or go on about how much I am going to miss you that it hurts my actual heart, but inevitably and ever so ‘Tom-like’ through music, videos, images and our deliciously inappropriate sayings!”

Angie then quoted the iconic line from The Hangover movie, which he sung in the video: “‘The two best friends that anyone could have’.”

“Goodbye for now, not forever my prince”.

Yvie shared her own tribute for Tom to Instagram.

(Image: Instagram)

The video featured a moment of Tom and Angie acting goofy and dancing, the caption read: “Always running late because you love your music and I loved joining in!”.

Even her other best friend and fellow Gogglebox star Yvie Jones was spotted in the video “embarrassing” Tom “endlessly” during a trip to Bali.

The last time Angie got to see Tom before his passing was during a FaceTime call.

“The very last time I got to see you. Facetiming for your birthday a few days earlier. But you are forever bookmarked in my memories my angel.”

In celebration of Tom’s life, Yvie shared her own tribute to her departed friend.

“This is a hard announcement. I will always remember you and our time Tom. You were larger than life and touched everyone you met. Please look for my mum and Leo. They’ve both been waiting for you,” Yvie wrote.

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Various friends flooded the comment section with love for both Angie and Yvie.

“Much love to you sweetheart,” Rebecca Gibney wrote.

Alex Nation commented: “Oh darling. I am so sorry. Sending all the love to you and @yvie_jones xx”.

Olivia Newton-John’s daughter, Chloe Lattanzi also commented apologising to “darling angel” Angie.

“His spirit will never leave you I promise. There are no words , but I’m sending all my love through the ether surrounding you with it and holding you in my heart,” she wrote.

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