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EXCLUSIVE: Yvie Jones reveals how Gogglebox changed her and Angie Kent's lives and shares the secret to their 10-year friendship

''We’re still best friends. We’re still just so close and involved in each other’s lives.''

Yvie Jones is convinced she has the best gig on Snackmasters. Operating as the reality show's Food Detective, it's her job to guide us through the factories where some of our most favourite snacks and treats – such as Twisties, Whoppers and Cadbury chocolates – are made.
"We look at the assembly line from beginning to end," Yvie, 49, tells TV WEEK. "There are little things we're not allowed to show, but otherwise it's an open book.
"What I liked best was finding out how real the food is. Everyone thinks that because it's 'junk food' it's full of chemicals. But a lot of people will be surprised by how whole the food is."
Yvie came to fame on Gogglebox in 2015 with her best friend and former housemate Angie Kent. (Instagram)
Yvie came to fame on Gogglebox Australia in 2015 with her best friend and former housemate Angie Kent.
Their hilarious banter made them fan favourites, launching their own careers in the entertainment industry, braving the jungle for I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! and starting their own podcast, Two Girls, One Pod.
Thinking back, Yvie can't quite believe how far they've both come.
"We thought we'd do one season of Gogglebox and it would be something we'll always have to look back on. We never thought it would do as well as it did, winning Logies and catapulting our careers," Yvie admits.
"It's been really lovely being able to do this together too."
This month, the pair are celebrating 10 years of friendship after meeting at a promotional gig where Yvie was dressed as Mrs Claus and Angie as an elf.
"How serendipitous and weird we both chose to do this funny, odd little role in the promo world that brought us together and ended up giving us both careers, together and separately, that became so incredibly wonderful," she says.
"We're still best friends. We're still just so close and involved in each other's lives."
Yvie will be the Food Detective on Nine's new reality show Snackmasters. (Nine)

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