EXCLUSIVE: Yvie Jones reveals the secret to her hilarious relationship with Angie Kent on Gogglebox

''We were drunk most of the time!''
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Yvie Jones is definitely our kind of woman.

She loves a cheeky glass of vino… or 10!

NW caught up with the bubbly blonde on the set of Channel 10’s upcoming comedy series Drunk History, where she spilled the secret to filming Gogglebox with our current Bachelorette Angie Kent – booze!

We’ll raise a glass to that…

Hi, Yvie! So what was it like filming Gogglebox with Angie?

To be honest, the first two seasons we were drunk most of the time, so I don’t really remember much! It’s a little bit of a blur!

Ha! Do they provide the alcohol or do you bring your own?

They provide it! They asked what wine we drank and we told them we actually both drink different wine – I drink white and Angie drinks red – so they had to get us a bottle each!

I once sneakily asked them for a bottle of vodka to see if they’d buy it and they did, but said only this once!

I got smarter and then started requesting preservative-free wine so I’d get a good quality bottle and not a cheap one!

Yvie reveals to NW that she barely remembers much from the first and second season of Gogglebox due to them being so sloshed!

(Source: Foxtel)

Is it just one camera set up in your lounge room? How does that all work?

There are about five people in the house, all in separate rooms, and two drone cameras right in front of us. It took us a while to get used to.

What’s one thing you regret from doing the series?

Definitely eating on camera. My brother once sent me a screenshot of me with yoghurt on the side of my mouth, and I just thought, ‘Never again am I eating on camera!’

During takes, Angie and I would run into the kitchen, shovel food into our faces, and then go back on the couch calmly with our glass of wine!

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Yvie reveals that her and Angie refused to eat on camera.

(Source: Foxtel)

What’s up next for you?

I have been very lucky to have been offered a lot of work opportunities since Gogglebox. I’m currently working on a few exciting projects that will come out in 2020.

I’ve also moved to Melbourne and I absolutely love it!

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