The Bachelorette Australia

Roses at the ready: A definitive ranking of all the Australian Bachelorettes

Let's hear it for the girls.

By Alex Lilly
We hate to break it you but with all these COVID-19 restrictions, we may not be able to have a season of The Bachelorette for 2020.
The Bachelor with Survivor's Locky Gilbert has already been put on hold and we're yet to hear who this season's leading lady is so things aren't looking good.
However, we've had some pretty great moments from seasons past, all the way back to when Sam Frost kicked things off in 2015 through to last year's Angie Kent.
All five women who have held the title of Australia's Bachelorette brought their own unique spin to the show but some shone just a touch brighter than others in terms of entertainment.
Seeing as we ranked the boys, it's only fair that we determine who's been the best Aussie Bachelorette. Do you agree with our list?

Fifth place: Ali Oetjen

It was third time lucky for the blonde beauty when she became the Bachelorette. (Image: Network Ten)
Our hearts broke for Ali when Tim Robards dumped her in the first season of The Bachelor way back in 2013. Our jaws dropped when that saucy scandal with her Bachelor in Paradise beau Grant Kemp came out. But as for her own season of The Bachelorette, we weren't that invested.
Granted, she found her happily ever after with Taite Radley (whom she's still dating mind you) but while she made a great supporting player, her season was a bit of a snoozefest.
Plus, coming off the back of Sophie Monk's season is a tough act to follow.

Fourth place: Sam Frost

Sam Frost was our very first Aussie Bachelorette. (Image: Network Ten)
You'd think Australia's first Bachelorette would be one of the top contenders, and whilst we loved seeing her find love after getting her heart broken by Blake Garvey, Sam Frost just didn't quite hit the spot.
Though she gave us Richie 'Cool Bananas' Strahan and professed her love to Sasha Mielczarek in the finale, the spark dulled and she and Sash called it quits after 18 months.
But now Sam has a very successful gig on Home and Away and is Australia's sweetheart so she's done alright for herself.

Third place: Georgia Love

With a surname like Love, Georgia was bound for reality romance greatness. (Image: Network Ten)
To this date, Georgia Love is the only Bachelorette we've had who wasn't either a celebrity, reality star or former contestant and when she was announced as the 2016 star, we were here for it.
The TV reporter showed off both her intelligent and adorkable sides all while looking fabulous in a cocktail dress and eventually found love with her now-fiance Lee Elliott.
To this day, the image of Matty J physically sinking when Georgia told him her heart wasn't in it during the finale will be etched in our minds.

Second place: Angie Kent

Gogglebox star Angie was always guaranteed to bring the laughs. (Image: Network Ten)
Along with her best friend Yvie, Angie was one of half of an iconic Gogglebox duo and her no-frills attitude was a big tick in our books when she was selected as the 2019 Bachelorette.
Angie found love with fitness trainer and aspiring actor Carlin and while some were left underwhelmed by the finale, the Gogglebox star was a memorable Bachie.
Not only did she make us laugh throughout the season, but she also had a host of quirky suitors who we hadn't seen much of on the franchise and wasn't afraid to shut down sexist behaviour.
Watch the moment Angie told off Jess for his sleazy behaviour in the player below. Post continues after video...

First place: Sophie Monk

Could it really go to anyone else?
Sophie Monk was everything we wanted: stunning, hilarious and unafraid to show her true feelings to the world.
Her choice in winner was a little questionable but the lovable bogan was a breath of fresh air and since her 2017 season, Sophie's gone from strength to strength whether she's hosting Love Island or mucking about on Instagram.
All hail Queen Sophie of House Monk. (Image: Network Ten)