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Alex Nation reunites with her estranged dad

It seems like Alex is focusing her efforts on one of the most important relationships in her life.
alex nation

Alex Nation has had a tough trot on the relationship front.

She and her Bachelor beau Richie Strahan have been swirling in split allegations for months now.

But Alex Nation is turning her attention to another man – her father.

The duo had been estranged for ten years, but today Alex and her dad, Scott McGurgan are closer and happier than ever.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, the 25-year-old opened up about their complex history.

“I was estranged from my dad for 10 years,” she began.

“This meant he missed out on many years of watching me play sport. Now, after all that lost time, he never misses a game.”

“Thank you for all the love and support Dad ❤,” she concluded.

The poignant tribute sat alongside a sweet snap of the pair hugging at Alex’s AFL game.

Friends, fans and loved ones all celebrated the father and daughter’s reconciliation.

One person mused, “That’s fabulous! Not everyone can…good for you ❤️”

While another shared their own story, writing, “Beautiful photo @alexandranation , I lost my father to cancer two years ago but seeing this picture makes me happy seeing the love between father and daughter. Very happy for you :)”

One of Alex’s father’s friends penned, “Great to see @scottiejmc has you back in his life. His love for you and your sisters is obvious. I went to primary school and hung out with him a bit in his DJ days, he has always been a rippa bloke. Keep kicking goals @alexandranation !!”

One pal proudly shared, “He’s a legend , make the most of every day you get with your awesome Dad !! Xx”

The mum-of-one has recently turned to her little boy’s dad, Joel Porter, for support.

Last week, the exes were spotted hugging in a car park before heading off for a meal.

The pair share six-year-old Elijah and will always have a close bond.

“Joel and I will always have love for each 
other because we share 
a beautiful child,” Alex 
revealed last year.

will never go away.”


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