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“I f—ing dare you”: Adele issues concert etiquette warning to fans

The singer had a strong message for her audience.
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Adele has issued a warning to audience members who attempt to throw items on stage.

During a recent performance at her Caesars Palace residency in Las Vegas, the 35-year-old opened a discussion regarding concert etiquette.

“Have you noticed how people are forgetting f—ing show etiquette at the moment.”

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“Have you noticed how people are forgetting f—ing show etiquette at the moment. People [are] just throwing s— on stage, have you seen them,” she told the audience.

The 35-year-old emphasised her observation with a strong warning to fans, telling the crowd “I f—ing dare you to throw something at me. Dare throw something at me and I’ll f—ing kill you.”

While the Rolling in the Deep singer’s comments were a stark reminder to fans, she was also quick to joke about the irony of the situation; beginning to launch t-shirts up into the crowd with a t-shirt gun.

“Stop throwing things at the artist, but you can shoot things at people [in the audience],” she said amidst a fit of laughter.

Bebe Rexha took to social media to update fans on her concert injury.

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Although Adele’s comments were nestled amidst a light-hearted joke with her audience, her poignant warning echoes a wider issue, with instances of performers being injured by fan-thrown objects appearing to be on the rise.

On June 18, pop singer Bebe Rexha was struck in the eye by a phone thrown on stage, with the singer dropping to the ground before being taken to a nearby hospital to have stitches placed in left eyebrow.

The 27-year-old perpetrator was arrested shortly after the incident, with the New York Post reporting that he told police “It’s a TikTok trend where you throw your phone onto the stage and the celebrity passes it and takes a selfie.”

While Rexha’s fan may have received the TikTok notoriety he was seeking, it was certainly not for the right reasons, with fans and music enthusiasts across the platform being quick to condemn his potentially dangerous actions.

Should artists throw momentos to fans?

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Crowd safety manager Paul Wertheimer told The Guardian that a rise such incidents is likely due to the liberation fans experience while attending live music events, with the concert providing an outlet for their “post-lockdown aggression.”

“We all said that crowds would be more rambunctious, disorderly, and energetic after people came out of being cooped up. When crowds get rowdy, people can feel anonymous, and that leads them to doing antisocial, dangerous things,” Wertheimer told the publication

Although artists have an extensive history of being subject to projectiles during live performances, Wertheimer argues that artists offering on-stage items to the audience is also a contributing factor.

“There is a long history of artists throwing guitars, bottles, and clothing into the crowd. It’s a two-way street. If artists don’t want to be hit by projectiles, they shouldn’t throw projectiles. There’s a mutual respect there,” he said.

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