Beloved Home & Away alum Bonnie Sveen just dropped an emotional revelation about her harrowing LA experience

"Today is made up of an entirely different set of blessings, priorities, privileges & challenges," the actress candidly shared to Instagram.
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Former Home and Away alumni Bonnie Sveen has shared an emotionally charged update to Instagram in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and her poignant message has stopped fans in their tracks.

Taking to the platform on Monday, the 31-year-old actress, who played beloved character Ricky Sharpe on the show for several years, penned a heartfelt message about the turbulent times she’s endured – and how her outlook has now changed.

Bonnie, whose on-screen relationship with Steve Peacocke’s character Brax stole hearts across Australia when it aired in the mid 2010s, has been a much loved actress since her big break on the show in 2013.

Sharing five beautiful snaps of herself from her Home and Away filming days, the actress wrote: “8 years ago I was back from 5 months overseas, with a hefty debt and a bruised ego, my experience in LA was professionally not as I’d hoped.”

“Feeling lost but also more certain of who I was, recovering from insecurities and a weakened body image. In a few months, (October) I was to start the most beautiful journey of my life, becoming and befriending Ricky… and many fictional & real life excellent people, calling Summer Bay my home & even learning (and LOVING) to surf.”

She continued: “6 months down the track, filming at the courthouse in Campbelltown I worked with a friendly and very concise AD [Audio Description] who was funny and is now the father of my twin daughters (and a good ISO buddy / permanent long term spouse.)”

Bonnie shared a beautifully candid update to her Instagram on Monday reflecting on her time on the hit Aussie soap.


The mum-of-two continued: “I found it near impossible to absorb all the blessings and privilege that came with that era.”

“I think my protective shell made me a bit emotionally constipated already and acting was my God-send release! To pay debts, be busy with filming commitments (what I love), improve my skill set and slowly step into fame (that word and concept still sometimes make me squirm & want to burrow away!).”

She mused that her time on the show was “profound and transformational”.

“I loved getting up everyday, the purpose and anticipation driving me forward to set each morning.”

Ultimately, this gave Bonnie the “perfect rite of passage to show myself and others who I was, to live the values I said I believed in.”

The Aussie actress posted a series of never-before-seen snaps with her co-star Steve Peacocke.


The actress went on to explain that today, her outlook has changed once again.

“While that time and many of the people part of it (and jobs I’ve done since) are still dear to me, today is made up of an entirely different set of blessings, priorities, privileges & challenges.”

“To be back home, parenting these little blossoms with my man… it’s possibly as hard if not harder to grasp the depth of this good fortune – but rather, get caught up in ‘what needs doing’ the worry, the joyless and mundane (just like filming! Or any job really.)”

She continued: “This default is highlighted now, when there is so much pain and uncertainty and we know life could easily deal her cards differently.”

Finishing the heartfelt post, Bonnie added: “As we know the Arts have copped a major blow and with the restrictions easing (on the mainland) I’m thinking of everyone returning to set with that extra fire in their belly!”

“Looking back, passion and purpose have been a key part of my happiness. I hope they spill into your life too – now and post-COVID – and inspire you to do what you love, with those you love.”

She concluded: “Here’s to re-emerging into the world, more embodied, stepping into brighter, more equal futures, that we create together.”

Bonnie’s words were met with praise from her fans and co-stars as they took to the post to share their admiration.

Among the thousands of likes on the post was Ada Nicodemou, who plays Leah on the hit soap.

Another fan commented: “You were so good at playing Ricky on Home and Away. You’re talented, beautiful and funny. I also miss your laughter, it’s the coolest! Absolutely wouldn’t mind seeing you on Home and Away again.”

Meanwhile, another wrote: “Such inspirational words! Cannot wait to see you back on the big screen – your talent is amazing. Can you tell us if Steve P is returning with you? (Say yes please).”

We can’t help but agree!

Ricky made a big impression on Summer Bay’s locals.


Since exiting the show (concurrently with her on-screen love interest Steve Peacocke), the actress has appeared in several other on-screen productions, including TV series The Secret Daughter and film Escape and Evasion.

But it seems for now, her main priority is raising her two daughters, Myrtle Mae and Emerald Lois, who are identical twins.

She and partner Nathan Gooley are clearly besotted with their daughters, Myrtle Mae and Emerald Lois Sveen-Gooley, who turn two in September, with the actress telling New Idea last year: “How could I have possibly earned this double miracle in my life?”

It seems despite whatever the universe throws at her, Bonnie always finds a reason to stay positive.

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