Was this Home & Away's hey-day? Stars of the show from the noughties era share their best throwback pictures

Talk about a walk down memory lane...

By Jess Pullar
If you grew up in Australia, chances are you'll be well familiar with the lives and loves of Summer Bay's locale.
Yep, after Home and Away's first episode aired back in 1988, it would be safe to say Aussies were very quickly taken with the drama-filled storylines and explosive twists which so frequently grace the show's narratives.
And like the timeless wonder it is, generations have tuned into the soap at various points in time.
Those who watched the show in the 2000s and early 2010s are in for a particular treat at the moment.
Remember the days of Martha, Jack, Belle, Aidan and Geoff?
From Geoff's unexpected shedding of his 'good guy' image, to Martha's brush with a strip club (the drama!), you'll no doubt remember the dramatic twists and turns that dominated their narratives.
And here to give us the nostalgic flashback we never knew we needed are some of the stars of the noughties era - and they've single-handedly proved it was the show's hey-day.
Or was it? Perhaps you can decide for yourself from the archived images below - there's some real rippers in there that might convince you...