EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away star Pia Miller reveals her favourite $13 supermarket beauty product

''I'm obsessed!''
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As an actress and model, former Home and Away star Pia Miller is used to professional hair and makeup artists pampering her with incredible luxury beauty products on set.

But when she’s not working – the 36-year-old is currently self isolating at home in Sydney with her two sons – Pia is actually a big fan of using supermarket makeup products in her everyday life.

And one of her favourite go-to makeup buys costs only $13 from your local Coles or Woolies.

“I have not stopped using Maybelline’s classic Great Lash mascara for … I can’t tell you how many years. I’m obsessed with it!” Pia revealed to Now To Love.

“I use an eyelash curler all the time, then just pop that on.”

This iconic mascara – yep, it’s the one in the pink and green tube – is available from supermarkets, chemists and online beauty retailers such as Adore Beauty.

The glamorous actress says she uses a $13 supermarket mascara everyday.

(Image: Instagram)

The classic Great Lash mascara only costs $13.

(Image: Maybelline)

As for the rest of her beauty routine, Pia says she swears by high end skincare products.

“I do have my staples,” she said.

“I use an eye cream by a Melbourne company called Liberty Belle. It’s a really lovely eye cream.

“I also put on an SPF. I actually use an Ultraceuticals one. It works like a moisturiser and a sunscreen.

“I don’t like that feeling of a thick sunscreen, so I use a matte one and it works really well under makeup. If I were to put a bronzer on top, it doesn’t get too muddy.”

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A bare-faced Pia looking gorgeous, just after getting a facial.

(Image: Instagram)

The Pantene haircare ambassador uses the brand’s supermarket shampoo and conditioner every time she washes her hair.

And she has a little tip to help us get the most out of our haircare products – she often uses her regular conditioner as hair mask.

“Sometimes, I put the conditioner in and leave it there for a little while,” she explained.

“I get my razor out, shave my legs, do other stuff in the shower, then I’ll wash my hair out. It gives the conditioner time to work.”

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Pia’s working from home outfit is a vibe.

(Image: Instagram)

As anyone who’s been stuck at home in self isolation would know, it’s very easy to slip out of our normal routines right now.

With nowhere to be and no one to see, many of us are finding our beauty routines have fallen by the wayside.

Pia says maintaining some sort of self-care routine is important to ensure we stay sane over the coming days and weeks.

“I think doing everything we can to feel fresh and feel good for the day is important,” she said.

“Washing our hair, doing the face masks, but really taking our time to do it. It’s really important, even for my own mental health, to have a nice long shower, wash my hair, put the effort into things things we normally don’t get to do. It has been really nice.”

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Pia with her two gorgeous sons.

(Image: Instagram)

Pia, who has two sons, Isaiah Loyola, from a previous relationship when she was 19 years old, and Lennox Miller, whom she shares with her former AFL star ex-husband Brad Miller, has COVID-19 outbreak.

“I chose to keep my little guy at home. He has asthma,” she said.

“There is so much unknown and with so much unknown, the only thing we can rely on is our common sense.

“We are isolating, so it’s been nice. We are spending a lot of time together. We’re staying indoors, writing, listening to music, drawing and getting creative and doing all the things we normally don’t have time for.

“It’s been fun and it’s also been … we’re just on top of each other all the time,” she added, sharing a predicament that many parents can relate to right now.

WATCH BELOW: Pia Miller walks the red carpet with her son Isaiah. Story continues after video.

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The stunning brunette is currently dating 54-year-old American agent Patrick Whitehall, the CEO of Hollywood talent agency WME.

Pia, who split from her former fiancé Tyson Mullane last year, now divides her time between the US and her home country.

“I go back an forth between LA and Australia,” Pia told Now To Love.

Pia and her beau Patrick posing for a glam couple selfie on Instagram.

(Image: Instagram)

Pia remained coy when asked by Now To Love last month how she and Patrick were handling their long-distance relationship.

While she said she’d prefer not to elaborate on her personal life, Pia said she has “friends and family that live all over the world…let’s just say FaceTime has really gotten a run for its money recently!”

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