Pamela Anderson is that you?! The star looks AMAZING!

An expert weighs in on her changing look.
Pamela Anderson

Baywatch bombshell Pamela Anderson has ditched her iconic red swimsuit for good, but fans can hardly recognise her!

Pamela looks amazing, and for someone about to celebrate her 50th birthday, we need to know her beauty secrets ASAP.

Beyond choosing the perfect figure-hugging gown for the Cannes red carpet, Pamela left her standout makeup at home and went for a classic minimalist look.

Her hair was slicked back in a modern style and it only highlighted her killer cheekbones even more.

But we can’t help but notice how her appearance has changed over time, and that she literally looks like she is turning back the clock – Cher style.

We spoke to Dr Meaghan Heckenbergs, founder of Be Sculptured to get her thoughts and opinions on what procedures have influenced Pamela’s new look.

Just glowing!

Has Pamela Anderson had ‘work’ done?

“I think Pamela Anderson has had cheek augmentation most likely with hyaluronic acid fillers,” Dr Meaghan Heckenbergs says.

The filler “gives great cheekbone definition,” says Dr Heckenbergs, who goes on to say that it looks like Pamela has had the filler “extended into the temporal recesses [ed note: your temples between your eyes and your hairline].”

“By filling the cheek area under the eyes and extending it out to the temporal recesses, [it] restores mid face balance and creates a more youthful look.”

In addition to plumping her cheeks, Dr Heckenbergs suggests that Pamela “may also have some softer filler in her eyebrow ridge” and clever makeup application has further filled out any fine lines in that area.

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What about her makeup?

Lighter makeup on Pamela might actually be why she looks so different says Dr Heckenbergs.

“I think we have been so accustomed to seeing her with thick black eye makeup for years and thick black eyelashes that we immediately assume she has had something done to her eyes,” but by wearing much less makeup, and letting her blue eyes shine though could be the reason she looks so youthful.

“I think the lack of eye makeup is the most significant change to her appearance rather than her undergoing any type of surgery.”

Just look at those cheekbones.

Can I get the same procedures as Pamela?

The short answer is yes, according to Dr Heckenbergs. The procedures Pamela might have undergone are non-invasive, and “readily available to most women and don’t require surgery or much downtime.”

“She would most likely have wrinkle reducing injections and dermal fillers. I don’t believe she has had anything more major than that.”

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