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Pamela Anderson’s youngest son Dylan Jagger Lee is the new face of Saint Laurent

Pamela Anderson’s son is the babe you’ll want to watch!
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Dylan Jagger Lee has joined Saint Laurent’s newest ad campaign, which will make its debut in its entirety next Tuesday ahead of Fashion Week.

On Monday night, the French fashion house revealed that their latest muse was the 18-year-old by sharing a 15-second black-and-white video of Dylan (above) on Twitter.

In the short flick, he was shirtless and wearing only the bottom half of a wetsuit, walking along a Malibu beach.

In shades of his rocker dad Tommy Lee, Dylan also strums a guitar.

Dylan took to Instagram to share a preview from the shoot.

Clearly excited about his new gig, Dylan took to Instagram to share a photo from the shoot.

“First shoot ever,” he captioned a shirtless snap. “Is it time to do more?”

Pamela has voiced her support for both Dylan and his 19-year-old brother Brandon, telling USA Today last year that she wanted them to each choose their own career paths instead of forcing them to follow hers.

“They’re gonna make their own choices for the rest of their lives,” she said. “It wouldn’t be their own choice if we were dragging them down red carpets.”

But it seems the famous 48-year-old isn’t surprised by Dylan’s choice to head down the catwalk.

“I (tell them both), ‘You’re gorgeous, you’re talented, you got that down,” she said, before adding, “They’re genetically loaded. They’re perfect gentlemen considering the gene pool.”

Pamela’s boys have grown up into incredibly good looking young men.

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