Turn back time: How Cher maintains her youth in her 70s

She’s 71 going on 27.

By Katie Skelly
She may have lived the rock star life for over 50 years, but it’s Cher's rigorous workouts, beauty routine and good health habits that help her maintain such a youthful appearance.
“The most important thing is to give yourself a fighting chance. I quit smoking. I don’t do drugs. I never drink coffee and almost never drink alcohol or eat red meat, so I’m way ahead of the game,” she wrote in her 1991 guide Forever Fit.
In her own words, Cher shares the many secret ways she's managed to make us question her age.

On hitting the gym

Cher proves age is just a number as she still commits to a regular workout regime.
“I exercise around five times a week – getting your endorphins up is a great way to start your day and I’ve got loads of energy,” she told Closer in recent years.
“If I ever try to play the age card with my trainer, she doesn’t go for it!”
Since her rise to fame, Cher's maintained a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain confidence.

On fighting adult acne

“I never had any serious skin problems until I was doing The Sonny & Cher Show, and my face was in makeup for 18 hours at a time. I developed a horrible allergy, makeup poisoning,” explained the star in Forever Fit.
She goes on to reveal that she began treating her cystic acne with Retin-A, a prescription treatment that in 1991, she’d been taking for 10 years.
“Retin-A also acts as a de-aging agent. I’m in my 40s, and I have no wrinkles. But you have to be careful,” she said at the time.

On cosmetic surgery

While she’d prefer to exercise when it comes to shaping her figure, Cher’s always been open about her decisions to go under the knife.
“By fixing your look entirely through plastic surgery, you miss the exhilarating highs of daily workouts, and you don’t learn how to use your body to help your mind and spirit stay healthy,” she says.
In saying that, the superstar has admitted to undergoing a nose job and breast implants.
Cher denies she's undergone lip injections, instead crediting orthodontic work for giving her "more of a mouth".

On the beauty of makeup

When she steps out onto the stage, she brings with her an air of effortlessness. But Cher herself confesses that time spent in the beauty chair helps her to look and feel her very best.
“There’s a team of five dozen people, and it takes them two hours. That’s the truth,” she once mused to

On her killer brows

Bold brows are the biggest beauty trend yet to slow down. And while we’re all left to cringe at photos of ourselves from the dark days of the 90s, it seems Cher knew all along not to mess with her on-fleek pair.
Her advice in styling yours: "Always brush your eyebrows up a little!” To do this she suggests using an old toothbrush and a spritz of hairspray. “Spray little on toothbrush and brush eyebrows up right away! I Always do!"
We'll have what she's having!